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  1. cosMEtix

    Liner for Melrose Mood?

    Ok, this is my new favorite color but it just looks weird on me...I need some suggestions to soften it a little with the right shade of lipliner...I have dark brown hair, blue eyes and fair/med. skin and need a good recommendation for something to blend in with this color, but not look like a...
  2. cosMEtix

    what do they do with returned products?

    Has anyone ever wondered what happens to those things we return? By law, are companies allowed to re-sell these things? I know I return things that don't work out for me, just wondering where they go?!!!
  3. cosMEtix

    eye makeup removers?

    What's the best one for removing paint pots and other heavy stuff? One that isn't oily and doesn't get into your eyes and require lots of rubbing?
  4. cosMEtix

    dry eye lids?

    Does anyone have a suggestion for making eyelids smoother before putting on paint or paint pots..? I am older and have wrinkles and creases to an extent, but not really bad...but I feel like my shadows settle so bad and I use eye cream all the!
  5. cosMEtix

    crinkly eye lids?!

    Any suggestions for making the inner eye and eyelid smoother? When I apply Paint Pots or Paint, it settles into the creases...being older, I use eye creams religiously....any suggestions?
  6. cosMEtix

    eye makeup for the older gal...

    I need advice on how to make my eyes look good because I have more wrinkles and lines now and can't use pigments and bright metallic shadows...can someone offer me some advice or suggestions..? There's nothing worse than an older lady wearing teenage makeup!! I have dark brown hair, black...
  7. cosMEtix

    eye makup tips for older women?

    I love all the looks everyone comes up with and the tutorials are so interesting! But I am in my 50's and have too many wrinkles and lines to use pigments and shiny eyeshadows. Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice smokey eye that won't make everything look so obvious? I love makeup and...