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  1. animacani

    need a recommendation for Ashley Olsens look!

    LOve it!
  2. animacani

    Need recommendations on fafinettex3's nailpolish!

    Love it!! YouTube - Everday Look using Stila You can see a really good close up on 2:30. TIA!
  3. animacani

    Need recs on Leona Lewis BLUSH! :D

    Im an nc42/nc43 for reference! TIA!
  4. animacani

    Looking for a coral pinky lipgloss!

    Hey guys! Im looking for a nice corally-pinky lipgloss! I want it to be like this picture: Thanks!
  5. animacani

    nc42 here ,nars laguna or casino bronzer?

    the title says it all
  6. animacani

    Do you wash your palettes?

    My mac palette is getting really dirty , I want to wash it but im scared its not ''safe''.. Do you wash your palettes?
  7. animacani

    I need recs for Adriana Limas look!

    Can you guys see them now?
  8. animacani

    First eotd. :D

    Hope you like it
  9. animacani

    Blushes For Nc43

    Hey! I am looking for some new blush colours! I already have : dollymix , blossoming blushcreme and sweet william blushcreme. TIA!
  10. animacani

    contour blush for nc43

    Hey! I am lookinf for a nice contour blush for me , im a nc43 I was thinking about emote but my counter doesnt have that blush and we dont have any CCO's in Norway.. =( TIA
  11. animacani

    Help me! 188 or 187?

    Hey! So I was wondring if I should buy the 188 brush or the 187 brush? I dont have that big cheek apples and whenever a MA applies blush on me she always uses the 188 brush.. Also , whats the price for both of the brushes? TIA
  12. animacani

    Fur - hot or not?

    I think fur is really hot , but I dont like the way the animals get treated =(
  13. animacani

    smooth harmony owners out there!!

    Hey everyone! So im thinking of getting smooth harmony beauty powder from the heatherette collection (ebay) Im a nc45 so will the beautypowder show up on me? Thanks in advance! =)
  14. animacani

    What collection did this come out with?

    Which collection did the leopard print compact come out with?
  15. animacani

    What does Swap mean??

    Im sorry if this is a stupid question but what does swap mean?
  16. animacani

    15 must have eyeshadows?

    The title says it all
  17. animacani

    Did the heatherette collection come to Turkey?

    ^ And if it did , when did it come?
  18. animacani

    London People Come Here :d

    Can you still get the heatherette collection in London? And is there any CCO's in London?
  19. animacani

    What to get from sephora?

    So im going to London this week , as ya'll might already know sephora isnt in Norway , so what should I got from there? I already know that I should get Urban decay primer potion , what more?