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  1. c00ki312

    My First Trip To New York-help plz!

    Hey girls, my bf and I are planning a 5-day trip to New York for my birthday in 2weeks time and we are likely to be staying at the New Yorker hotel (i think theres only one of these). since we've never been to NY before, I would like to go to the following: -statue of liberty -museums -other...
  2. c00ki312

    Wanted! Blue e/s featured in Look magazine *help plz*

    If any of you UK girls who has the current issue of Look magazine (19th jan) with lily allen on the cover, theres a beauty spread ("Recharge your makeup") at the back and i really want to know the bright blue e/s the model is wearing on her lower eyes. it says model makeup is by MAC and im...
  3. c00ki312

    anyone notice the price change?

    the dazzleglass online is £12.50 and i bought sugarimmed in the store and it was £13. does anyone know why the prices are different and what else has diff pricing to the store?
  4. c00ki312

    help! Fresh Berry lips reccs

    Hey gals I'm looking for a fresh berry lip colour, not too bright, not too dark. I've heard Bobbi Brown makes a good one. Any high-end brand or MAC colours appreciated. thankssss
  5. c00ki312

    My Makeup RANT!

    sorry if this is in the wrong forum but i just wanted to say that i hate when i read some beauty blogs and see an eyeshadow or lipstick shade which i'm suddenly lusting over then find out its only available in the US? i mean i bought some loreal HIP in US last year and they have some really good...
  6. c00ki312

    B2M in London

    Ok after reading loads of posts from USA chat ive realised that it depends on the store on what is accepted for B2M? So, has anyone in London tried to return an e/s pot WITHOUT the metal pan (in other words depotted)? If so, which store? thanks!
  7. c00ki312

    Different positions at MAC

    Theres a new MAC opening near me but I'm confused what positions MAC has, maybe theres only one but theres freelance, retail. Can somebody please explain the differences? much appreciated! x
  8. c00ki312

    A few e/s 'out of stock' or 'sold out' for quite some time...

    Blanc Type has been 'out of stock' on the UK website for quite a while now as is some other products? Does this mean no more of that shade? And whats the difference between 'out of stock' and 'sold out'? thanx
  9. c00ki312

    Base for purple e/s

    It took me A WHILE to realise that royal hue shadestick is never coming back so what do you gals reccommend is a good base to make purple or pink e/s POP?! oh and is fresco rose p/p discontinued??? thanx 4 ur helpz! xxx
  10. c00ki312

    Where to buy 15-pan palettes in London?

    For girls in London, where can I buy empty 15-pan palettes and how much do they cost? and how much are the e/s pans? thanx alot!
  11. c00ki312

    Perfect brown eyeliner?

    I've come to the conclusion black is too harsh for me so I'd like to try brown for a more softer look... any reccs for a brown? I've heard that MAC graphic brown is good. Or how about Stila smudgepots or clinique?...preferbly along the lines of a gel ink liner... thanks guys X
  12. c00ki312

    Need a Coral Blush!!!

    Hey gals, I'm looking for a bright-ish coral/peach you know if MAC has one or any high-end brand chanel, BB etc (more likely to have the expensive brands in UK than your drugstore ones) im NC30 btw thanxxxxx
  13. c00ki312

    Need to return Pink Venus! What should I get instead?

    So i want to exchange pink venus. it swatched so pretty in the store but at home it was just a glitter mess! what would you guys recc is a pretty pink or pink/purple? my only other pink is sushi flower... my coloring is NC30 if that helps! thanx
  14. c00ki312

    Why is everyone getting promoted but me?

    Im only 20 and full time student but work weekends in retail. I've been working there for over 2 years and feel like Im going nowhere (even though it is only part-time). Two members of staff started a year after me and now have already moved up the ladder to supervisor. Then I found out in my...
  15. c00ki312

    Which pretty pink blusher AND S&S duo?

    Thought I'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone lol Does anyone know of a pretty/baby pink blusher (ive got dollymix) AND which sculpt & shape duo is reccomended for NC30? id be so grateful ...thanx
  16. c00ki312

    Artifact p/p VS flammable paint

    I've lately been debating which to i was wondering which you gals think is the most versatile. i want to be able to do a bright look or dark look without having both... i really appreciate your help, thanx
  17. c00ki312

    My non-MAC haul...but its still pwetty!

    Basically Pout cosmetics had a liquidation sale in the flagship covent garden store...apparently the brand wasnt doing too well in the states but it was doing brilliantly here! so they had a 50% off closing down sale. How sad am i??? If anyone who lives in London has been to this store, i think...
  18. c00ki312

    THE best powder/blush brush

    theres so many MAC face brushes to choose from, so i was wondering what powder/blush brush does everyone recc or have? i already have the mac 182 buffing brush but i want a long handled blush brush... anyone help??? thankooo
  19. c00ki312

    bronze BLUSH for tanned cheeks:)

    hi girls i have a big collection of pink n peach blushes but was wondering if anyone can reccomend me a blush that can give me 'tanned' cheeks or reddy/bronze blush to be simple. nothing that will make me look ruddy. im NC30. i would really appreciate it thankoooooooooooo
  20. c00ki312

    my reverse antiquitese nails!

    i dont know if this is the right thread but i did my own antiquitese nails by using a pink-red base and gold polishes. the first tut i saw was by pursebuzz and u can catch that at her website which was awessommee then i saw another version by...