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  1. xmrsvindieselx

    baby collage!

    Now that the nursery is done, I am trying to start something new to keep me busy. It honestly has helped me since I've felt depressed. My new idea has really inspired me to do something fun, so I just wanted to share it with you all of you. So, I am putting to gether a collage of things for the...
  2. xmrsvindieselx

    quick FOTD! Wanted to try out my gaga lipppie!

    This was done really quick, but I needed to try out my gaga lipstick when I got it yesterday night. I didn't use anything on my face, since my dad didn't give me the lipstick until like 7pm ( since I was out) Eyes: UDPP vanilla pigment on lid carbon LIGHTLY patted over it stila malibu barbie...
  3. xmrsvindieselx

    despression during pregnancy.

    Hi all, So I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but I don't really have anyone to talk to. I feel like lately I've been so depressed. I lost my job 2 weeks ago ( and no one wants to hire me 8 months pregnant. I know its illegal,, but I'm sure they will use another excuse), and that...
  4. xmrsvindieselx

    I need nursery Help :)

    So I FINALLY found a cribset I love, but originally I was going to do the room teal and brown, and the crib set is brown and camel. Should I switch out the blue paint for like a beige color? Is it too much beige and brown then? This is my first baby, and I'm so confused. LOL ANY other ideas...
  5. xmrsvindieselx

    3D sonogram

    I am currently 29 weeks and 5 days I went for a 3D sonogram today to see my baby boy. I think he is gorgeous Photo Sharing by MyPhotoAlbum :: jaydenprince's MyPhotoAlbum Gallery those are all the pics It made me so happy today, because I've been stressed out so badly about money and putting...
  6. xmrsvindieselx

    HauteLook-40-80% off cosmetics & fashion?

    Has anyone ever used this website? It seems too good to be true(maybe I'm just paranoid), but I signed up for it, and here is the link but I'm nervous to buy from it because I don't know if its legit or not. If it is legit, and you sign up, anyone who signs up & buys with your...
  7. xmrsvindieselx

    darling it's better, down where its wetter, take it from me.

    This reminded me of something tropical and under the sea..hence the title Nothing too exciting, and my brows are super crazy! They are finally growing back in (slowly) and I'm trying to let them as best as possible. As always, CC is appreciated! Face: *some avon moisturizer lol *MARK glow...
  8. xmrsvindieselx

    Everyone thinks I'm crazy.

    So I don't usually like to vent, but I feel like I could really use some opinions from you all here . I lived in NY my whole life and my family moved to Florida. I ended up going with them, but coming back to NY because I hated it.Long story short, while in NY I got pregnant, and didn't find out...
  9. xmrsvindieselx

    glamourous and.. pregnant?!

    haha. Not a very exciting title, but ever since I got pregnant, I feel like I look like crap.(I'm already 5 months along!!) So today, I decided to play around since I was home.I didn't wear this out because I've been home, but it was fun to do! lol. Sorry for the awkward pics LOL. My camera just...
  10. xmrsvindieselx

    TKB raw pigments?

    I'm sorry if this has been discussed before, but I just was introduced to LIME CRIME cosmetic line. I LOVE the pigmented shadows, but read a review saying this line is just repackaged TKB pigments. I have no idea if its true, but if it is, can the TKB pigments be purchased by themselves? I dont...
  11. xmrsvindieselx

    its been WAY too long. purple smokey eye.( pic heavy!)

    I haven't posted a FOTD on here in forever! Actually I haven't been able to get on here much since I moved back to NY in April of 08. I'm now back in Jacksonville though because I'm preggo 10 weeks.Enough of the boring stuff about me though I did this quick today for you lovely ladies &...
  12. xmrsvindieselx

    cute hairstyles with bangs!

    I just got a new haircut and now have full front bangs. I'm not used to them quite yet,and was wondering if anyone has some cute hairstyles for my hair with the bangs . Pics would be great ! Thanks
  13. xmrsvindieselx

    moving out on my own.

    Hey everyone! I just recently moved with my parents to Jacksonville FL from Long Island NY. This was a GREAT move for them since they could afford a house down here now.. for me, not so much. I understand housing is cheaper down they wanted to move, but I am not buying a house..I'm 19...
  14. xmrsvindieselx

    at least your breasts cost more than hers.* picture heavyy*

    DONT ASK about the title. I've been listening to a crazy amount of Amy Winehouse lately. So I'm jumping on the V*day make up bandwagon( because everyone looks amazing!) even if I have no one to wear it for I just moved to Jacksonville last I dont know ANYONE. I havent really had time...
  15. xmrsvindieselx

    Northern Florida. Jacksonville.

    My parents just bought a house in Jacksonville Florida and I'd love to know if any of you lovely ladies live close! I dont know ANYBODY here at all and I'd love to meet some new friends thanks!
  16. xmrsvindieselx

    glamm. she's so beauty marked <3

    I'm bored. forgive the crazy title :-p so its like 1:45 am in new york. and I'm doing an FOTD ( i guess its not really an FOTD, is it?) so. its more of an ISBOTN ( i'm so bored of this night..oh you get the idea!!) but i totally stole this from MissChievous its her :: ***It's Back!!!! High...
  17. xmrsvindieselx

    You know I have an appetite for sexy thingsss <3

    I've been listening britney alllll day because I've been sickk =[ I wish i had better pictures but this is about as good as its going to get. I'm pretty sure I hae the flu so excuse my nasty face && crazy eyebrows haha. FACE: * physicians formula bronzer EYES: * bare canvas as a base * MAC...
  18. xmrsvindieselx

    my hair is literally falling out. :-(

    all i do is cry cry cry. i have such a minimal amount of hair left. I have no idea why..but after every shower i literally lose so much hair..I can ball it up and its about as large as a baseball...and im scared..this is everytime i shower. i dont know what to do anymore. please helppppp =[
  19. xmrsvindieselx

    its chaoticccc <3

    so I seriously haven't posted here in forever. i got bored tonight and started messing around and then realized i didnt have batteries for my i was taking these .. my dad busts into the bathroom and screams " IT LOOKS LIKE YOU RAN INTO MICHEAL JACKSON...LITERALLLLLY! " thanks dad...
  20. xmrsvindieselx

    new britneyy.

    so brit had two new songs "leak" i guess.. what do you think of them.. i love the gimme more one !!