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  1. Lottascarlatta

    Fake Diana Ross Brushes

    Since there are SO SO SO many fake MAC brushes sold online, I'm curious if anyone has ever come across a fake MAC Pink Diana Ross edition brush. These brushes are soo hard to come by and when one pops up, there isn't much available online to research the authenticity. Any help, ladies?
  2. Lottascarlatta

    Price for MAC Foursquare Wonder Woman POW! Ring

    An MUA is willing to sell me the ring that was sold as part of the FourSquare promotion, since I failed to win with any stickers. What would be the right price for this ring? It's a free promotional item but so few were produced. Confused on how to go about it without lowballing. Attached...
  3. Lottascarlatta

    Fake Primary Yellow Jar?

    Hoping to purchase from a UK seller but I'm not too sure on the authenticity. It all seems to check out from my research but thought I should post here to confirm. Listing:100% AUTHENTIC MAC PIGMENT - PRIMARY YELLOW - BNIB - eBay (item 220439946628 end time Jan-18-10 04:36:00 PST) The seller...
  4. Lottascarlatta

    MAC Purse Mirror - details?

    Found this on an LJ sale but the seller (Elusion/RexTxStar) didn't have any clear details on year, collection, availability etc. Any of you sleuthy Specktra members know anything about this Purse Mirror?
  5. Lottascarlatta

    Hello from Brooklyn, NYC

    Hello Everybody! My name is Scarlett and I live in Washington Heights, NY. MAC is pretty much the only makeup supplier I use. They were the first to match my complexion in foundation and powder and for this, I am eternally loyal. Plus, their the best with matte vibrant colors. About Me...