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  1. DLuxJessica


    Anyone else enjoy Bollywood movies? I love Hindi cinema, but my husband and friends aren't quite on board.
  2. DLuxJessica

    Pink/peach/gold lipstick?

    Hi, all... I'm on the search for a pinky-peach lipstick with a good gold pearl/flash to it. I have the NARS Orgasm multiple and lip gloss (both versions of the gloss, actually), and those are fine (the multiple is a smidgen on the light side, though). But I'm really a lipstick girl when it...
  3. DLuxJessica

    New Kid in School

    Hi, all! Just wanted to intro myself. I'm a makeup enthusiast from Florida. DH thinks it's an addiction. I remind him that I patently did NOT "wake up like this." I've been specktra-lurking for a while now, and decided to take the plunge. I need more people in my life who understand the...