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  1. M.A.C_Addiction

    Best ROUND brush for blowdrying

    I know there are some hairdresser out here that can recommend me a good brush Can someone recommend me a WICKED kick Ass round brush paticulary used for blow drying hair straight? What size brush should I get? 2 1/4? 3 inches? (I have medium length hair for reference) I don't mind paying...
  2. M.A.C_Addiction

    ~ Snow Storm in Montreal, Quebec Canada ~

    We've been getting loooooooots of snow here in Montreal (approx. 30cm +) and I thought I would share some pics that I took earlier. This was the highway And this one This was the streets Yep, crazy day. But I love the snow. How can I not, I'm Canadian... hehe It's...
  3. M.A.C_Addiction

    Dupe For BLM Real Doll?

    I am getting super loooooow on my BLM Real Doll lipstick and I NEED another. I posted in the Wish/Want List with no luck. Sooooooo, my question is; is there a similiar color or dupe to Real Doll that someone could recommend? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks all!
  4. M.A.C_Addiction

    Help me choose my MSF!

    I heard about the different veining in MSF. I'm loooking to purchase the Lightscapade MSF and I'm not sure if I should choose the one on the left or right? I hate chunks of glitter, (I have Shimpagne and it's all glittery) so does that mean I should stay away from the veining? I'm confused...
  5. M.A.C_Addiction

    Great things to see & do in New York City! Any recommendations???

    Hey there!!!! Like every year, I will be visiting New York City. (I will be arriving this Thursday with my boyfriend) Anywho, was wondering if anyone could recommend some great places to see or things to do. Also, I LOVE a good deal on clothes, make-up and things and wondering if someone...
  6. M.A.C_Addiction

    {{{{{{{ ~ Put it in neutral! ~ }}}}}}}

    Hey everyone! I felt like going "neutral", so I did a brown look. Nothing special. BTW don't mind the eyebrows, I'm trying to grow them in. All MAC - (unless noted) EYES Frostlite - (Base) Coco p/g - (Lid) Coco Beach p/g - (Crease) Nylon e/s - (Highlight) L'oreal Carbon black Mascara...
  7. M.A.C_Addiction

    *BEST* MAC Blending Brush?!?!?

    What is the BEST MAC blending brush??? What would you recommend? I need a blending brush, but I'm not sure as to which one I should purchase. :confused:
  8. M.A.C_Addiction

    Just one of 'dem days...

    Hey everyone! Feeling crappy today, so I decided to make my eyes somewhat colorful to brighten up my mood. ~ Last pic is with Natural lighting ~ Hope you likes. CC is welcomed. All MAC EYES Frostlite Rose p/g Softwash Grey p/g Electra e/s Fuschia p/g RR Blue p/g - (for liner) { All...
  9. M.A.C_Addiction

    Luckiest Day Of Century Comes Saturday: 07-07-07

    Do you know what Saturday is? - (Besides the weekend?) It's the day a quirk of the calendar may change the lives of hundreds of thousands of superstitious people. When the clock strikes midnight, it will officially be 07/07/07 - the only time this century that all the numbers align like that.
  10. M.A.C_Addiction

    Mmmmmm, Chocolate Chip!

    Hey ladies (and gents) Today I was going for a "pink" look but somehow ended up with brown. First I started off with Pink Bronze, then I darken the outer V, it turned out really nice, but I wanted something different. So I grabed some Swish, than Golden Lemon and THIS is my finish product...
  11. M.A.C_Addiction

    Hmmmm, yea

    Hey everyone! My MU for today. Sorry no face pics, so this is a EOTD today. I know, I know, I have a shitty cam. but let me know what'chu think of it! Take care!!!! EYES: Frostlite Apricot Pink P/G Electra E/S Violet P/G Cloudbound E/S Nylon E/S L'0real Carbon Black Volumonous Mascara...
  12. M.A.C_Addiction

    JAZZ it up!

    Yea ok, nevermind the title. I can't think of anything... really. The Jazz Festival started here in Montreal, and this is my MU for tonight. This is my second FOTD. So y'all be gentle. Sorry, but I have a crappy cam and these were the best pics that turned out "OK". Any CC is greatly...
  13. M.A.C_Addiction

    Looking for a job DESPERATELY in the TORONTO area?...

    I don't know if I'm posting this on the correct "subject", so I apologize in advance if I have done so. Here it goes and I know this is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG shot, but worth a try. I recently moved back to Toronto after living in Montreal for over 2 years. (I miss my Montreal sooooooooo much...
  14. M.A.C_Addiction

    Has anyone used the REVLON SKINLIGHTS?

    I'm a NC15 (NC20 in summer) and I'm looking to purchase a REVLON Skinlight on Ebay, and I was wondering if someone could recommend a color? Would "Natural Light" be a good color match for me? Thanks!
  15. M.A.C_Addiction

    Be gentle. It's my first time!

    Hey everyone! This is my FIRST EOTD. A little nervous. :confused: I apologize in advance for the crappy quality of pictures. I'm learning as I go. I used: MAC Fluidline in "Frostlite" as a base MAC Swish e/s MAC Vanila p/m MAC Pink Bronze p/m MAC Helium p/m MAC Nylon e/s L'Oreal...
  16. M.A.C_Addiction

    Hey everyone. Newbie from Toronto! :-)

    Hi everyone! Just thought I would introduce myself. I am 25 years old from Toronto. I have a SERIOUS addiction to make-up, and perfumes/Eau de toilette. (D&G "Light Blue" fav. of all time) I have over 15 different scents! (not counting body sprays) I love my CHI ceramic hair straighter...