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  1. luckyme

    What are your planned purchases for Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2012

    We had planned on purchasing a new t.v. this year for Christmas on Black Friday. We wanted to replace our 10 year old tv with an updated big screen and had planned on waiting until Black Friday to purchase. Luckily, we found the tv we had been researching on Amazon last night that was...
  2. luckyme

    Brilliant Idea For Mac Mineralize Powder Foundation

    I was really happy with this foundation but did not care much for the capplicator or the jar the foundation came in. I went on the mac website and ordered this: M·A·C Cosmetics | Travel Jar 1 oz/2 and can not believe how much more amazing it is to use this now. They are $2.50 each which is...
  3. luckyme

    Question regarding contouring

    I saw a tutorial on contouring and the person used a contour and highlight color (hence the MAC duo's) but did not use any blush. So the question is, can you only do one or the other, contouring and highlighting, or only blush. It does seem like that would be alot of color for your face, but I...
  4. luckyme

    UD Palette Question

    I recently orederd the AMMO palette and the Deluxe Palette but an unfortunately only going to be able to keep one of them. Which would you choose to keep?
  5. luckyme

    Zandra Rhodes palette sold out on

    Man that is quick
  6. luckyme

    Viva Glam Vi Up On

    Free shipping BBCTAM
  7. luckyme

    Maintaining customer service with difficult clients

    Quote: Originally Posted by Juneplum she wasn't rude at all.. imo, you were rude to her.. and her job isn't to be polite.. especially when someone is being rude to her. I totally disagree with this comment. It is her job to be polite. I am not weighing in on what happened in...
  8. luckyme

    MAC LURE NEWS -Urgent-

    I just spoke to and they said they have less than 100 of each item in the Lure collection! If you were holding out ORDER NOW! They said they will be sold out today
  9. luckyme

    Brad and Angelina have a Baby Girl!

    LOS ANGELES - In what was arguably the most anticipated delivery in the world, Angelina Jolie gave birth to Brad Pitt’s daughter Saturday in Africa, Pitt’s publicist announced. “The night of May 27, 2006 in Namibia, Africa, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcomed their daughter Shiloh Nouvel...
  10. luckyme

    Sedu Flat Iron Question

    OK, so when I got my hair highlighted on Friday, My hairdresser used her Chi flat iron on my hair. I have never thought about using one on my hair because it is fine (but alot of it) and colored. I could not believe how pretty it looked. It was so smooth and more than that it was SSSSOOOO shiny...
  11. luckyme

    Lingerie up on MAC website
  12. luckyme

    Cargo E/S Recommendations

    I recently bought aegean and costa rica. Are there any other must haves?
  13. luckyme

    Blue Absinthe vs. Steamy

    I have been reading how much these 2 look alike then I found pictures of these in the pan and I think they look pretty different. Any opinions
  14. luckyme

    Chanel Allure Sensuale

    Has anyone smelled this one? This is fab. It is very expensive ($80.00 for a 1.7 oz bottle) but the Christmas set just came out and it had 1.7 bottle and lotion for $80.00, great price. I cant get over how much I love the smell of this! It smells similar to the original Allure with an oriental...