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  1. DirtyHarriet

    Makari ad is not letting me use the 'back' button

    Everytime this ad is up (lady licking a candy cane-like lollipop), there is some function inserted into the web browser that redirects me back to the same page when I hit 'back'. Ad is for Makari de Suisse Language: http:\ (Alt + Left)
  2. DirtyHarriet

    Studio Sculpt Concealer - Help Me Make it Work Please!

    I got the new studio sculpt concealer for under-eye circles. However, it just seems cake-y on my skin and it's settling into all of my fine lines...I just can't get it to apply smoothly. I have tried: - applying it with my finger and with a concealer brush - using a heavier eye cream to...
  3. DirtyHarriet

    Decorate My Bedroom

    I'm in the process of moving and I'm replacing my bed and pretty much all of the rest of my bedroom furniture because it's all bulky and not nice at all. SO - I've been looking at new beds - headboards in particular...and I'm at a loss! I love wood, but everything out of wood is so cold and...
  4. DirtyHarriet

    SUMMER SALE at Lumiere!

    Check it out...looks like a lot of things are on sale! Great time to try some of their stuff! I have no idea how long the sale will last...I just found it while doing some late night 'browsing' . Happy shopping!