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  1. devilgirl17

    A Lipstick Like Trot On

    I could probably find one myself, but why do the work yourself when you can have a whole army of experts do it for you. I have two pots of Trot On TLC which I adore and wear all the time, but I would love a lipstick that is the same color. What would guys suggest?
  2. devilgirl17

    A Sheer Red Lip Color

    Okay, so I'm heading to my MAC counter (maybe a freestanding store) tomorrow and I'm looking for a sheer red color to buy. It doesn't really matter if it is a lipstick, lipglass, lustreglass, or lipgelee. I love them all. Just for reference, I don't wear MAC foundation, but in BE I wear Medium...
  3. devilgirl17

    Hello From AZ

    Hi Everyone. I'm new of course. I found you guys through MUA about 2 weeks ago. I've got to say this is most well informed and helpful web board I have ever seen. You guys rock! A little about me: Name is Liz. I live in Phoenix and am studying for the Bar so I can finally get a job as a...