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  1. Kisbee

    Traveling with Mineral Makeup

    How do you keep your mineral foundation from going everywhere when you travel? Do you stick something over the holes to keep your foundation from ending up in the lid? Do you use a reservoir brush? I'm tired of it ending up all over the bottom of my makeup bag and not on my face where it belongs!
  2. Kisbee

    L'oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara

    I really like the Blinc tube mascara, but I saw an advert for a new L'oreal mascara that seems to be the same. Has anyone tried it? Did you like it/did it compare to the Blinc?
  3. Kisbee

    Twiggy Costume Help!

    My friends have decided that I'm going to a costume party on Saturday as Twiggy, and I need some help.. I got as far as buying the biggest fake eyelashes I could find, but I'm not sure how to do my eye makeup. Is it just white eyeshadow and something like Knight Devine in the crease with...
  4. Kisbee

    Reaction to titanum dioxide?

    I've been trying a few more natural sun creams on my face recently and I've been getting the same reaction, little spots/zits on my chin and the area is red and itchy. Anti-histamines help a little, but not a great deal. I'm wondering if it's due to the titanium dioxide in the creams, but I...
  5. Kisbee

    Pure Minerals and Lily Lolo setting powders

    I'm in the midst of picking a mineral foundation out of these two brands. So far I think I'm going to end up with Pure Minerals in Honest, altho I still have Blondie to try tomorrow from Lily Lolo. I have moderately oily skin that seems mainly to make my nose and chin a bit shiny, so I thought...
  6. Kisbee

    Mascara wand surgery?

    I bought a new mascara the other day (Bourjois Clubbing...not sure I like it as much as my old Diorshow) which has a rubbish brush that leaves huge globs of mascara all over my eyelashes. I saved the wand from my Diorshow, and I thought I could just pop the old wand into the new tube (I washed...
  7. Kisbee

    Not necessarily a MAC questions..

    I want to get my friend a voucher for a facial or something for her birthday, but I don't know anywhere good around where she lives (Bristol). Does anyone know of anywhere nice in Bristol (hopefully with a website I can buy a gift voucher )?
  8. Kisbee

    Ladybug colour

    I bought Ladybug hoping for a sheer red colour and it seems to go pink on my lips. Is this common, or do I just have funny pigment in my lips? Is there anything I can do to salvage it (lipliner underneath etc?)? I don't wear a lot of lipstick, and I like the way it feels on my lips, but ideally...
  9. Kisbee

    Wedding Face Help..

    I'm doing my own wedding make-up in July and I need some suggestions! I went to a MAC counter, and got some great suggestions about eye make-up (Vex with Club in the crease highlighted with Shroom and Blacktrack with lots of eyelashes). I'm a NC20 with hazel eyes and dark brown hair and my dress...
  10. Kisbee

    Brush roll...

    I've just fallen in love with my Ruby & Millie eyeliner brush...for £5 it's one of the best make up things I've ever bought.. But I've realised that it doesn't fit in my make up bag..and since I'm going away in two weeks I started looking for a brush roll. I can't seem to find any in the...
  11. Kisbee

    First FOTD, Blues and Liquid Liner

    Ingredients: MAC Studio FIX NC20 UDPP Vex from lids to brows Tilt over lids Knight Divine to line (blended into lids) Boots 17 Perfect Definition Black Liner Boots 17 Liquid Liner in Black Cover Girl Crystal Waters pallette, just Arctic Glow to highlight Maybelline VolumExpress Mascara (which I...
  12. Kisbee

    Whitening Masks

    I've been toying with the idea of buying a whitening mask, but I'm a little unsure of what I'm looking for. Ideally I'd like something to take the red out of my face (nose, cheeks and chin) and perhaps get rid of my freckles. What I don't want is my face to be four shades lighter than the rest...
  13. Kisbee

    Is this a bad thing to do?

    I'm getting married in July and I'm starting to thing (worry/obsess?) about make up and things. I think I'm going to do my make up myself and was going to get a consultation (where they show you what to do and give you a face chart, not sure if I've called it the right thing) at a MAC counter...
  14. Kisbee

    My mum's so cool!

    I got my Christmas present from my mum in the post today...didn't know what she'd got me at all, and found these! Steamy Purple Haze Knight Devine Shroom Tilt Mulch Sumptuous Olive Which quadruples my MAC collection and makes me a very happy girl!
  15. Kisbee

    Strange Question..

    I don't know if this counts as a make up question, but I'll give it a go. I'm in a dance performance with the world's most unattractive costumes (which is beside the point). Because they're all white and sheer, I'm wearing a nude leotard underneath them. I didn't choose the leotard and so it...
  16. Kisbee

    Perfumed Body Lotions

    Does anyone wear perfumed body lotions with their normal perfume (in the same fragrance)? I wear JPG Classique (eau do toilette), and I was pondering getting the body lotion to wear as well (probably not every day, just for special occasions) beause I've read that the smell lasts longer if you...
  17. Kisbee

    The best of UK cheapies?

    I've got rid of most of my (ancient) e/s in disgust (and then realised that I must only use a few of them because I haven't missed any of the ones I chucked). So now I'm after some new ones, and since I probably won't be able to afford a complete MAC e/s wardrobe, Boots is probably my best bet...
  18. Kisbee

    Do I do it because it's good for me?

    ..or because I'm getting married in July? (and does it matter?) Let's see, the saga began about 3 years ago when I realised that I was eating like a boy, but being 6 inches smaller than the ones I was eating with, it wasn't doing me any good. I'm a recreational dancer (ballet), currently...
  19. Kisbee

    Stupid Eye Makeup Remover Question

    I'm a bit confused about eye makeup remover..the oil based vs. more chemical-y ones. I'm trying to go all hippy and not use as many chemical things on my face, and I've never been an eye makeup remover sort of girl, I just sort of relied on my normal makeup remover/cleanser to get things off...
  20. Kisbee

    Next step foundation...

    I need some suggestions as to what foundation to go for next. I've currently got Studio Fix in NC20, but my face has decided it doesn't want to be oily any more, so I need something a little less dry. When I bought it, the MA said I could use it with a damp sponge as well as dry (which doesn't...