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  1. Kisha

    MAC Black Panther Collection 2022

    Hopped on here just to see if there was any buzz. I plan on grabbing one of the highlighters.
  2. Kisha

    All Things Ulta

    Yes. Thanks for the heads up!!! I don't need anything, but I'm curious about a few Juvia's Place products.
  3. Kisha

    NARS Bronze On ~ Summer 2020

    I literally just went on a Nars spree a few weeks ago to grab all the goodies I'd been eyeing so I can relate to being late. I picked up Punta Cana, Quirimba, Orgasm X, Savage, Dominate, and some lippies.
  4. Kisha

    MAC Frosted Firework Holiday Collection (2020)

    So I bit the bullet and picked up the Trio. It's beautiful. I love flare for the dramatic, but I do not need it. I have Heart Goes Boom in my cart and I'm thinking about grabbing it. Initially, I thought it was red from the pics, but I saw other photos and see that it's a bright fuchsia, which I...
  5. Kisha

    MAC Frosted Firework Holiday Collection (2020)

    I like the extra dimension skin finish TRIO. I may get it in gold.
  6. Kisha

    Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

    Has anyone purchased any Fenty Skin products?
  7. Kisha

    What's a great cheekbone Highlight for WOC?

    Whisper of Guilt is so pretty and definitely one of my favorites.
  8. Kisha

    New! NARS Pro brush collection

    Thanks for letting me know! I'm going this weekend!
  9. Kisha

    New! NARS Pro brush collection

    Thanks! I never knew that.
  10. Kisha

    New! NARS Pro brush collection

    Hi Monsy, where is the outlet?
  11. Kisha

    NARS Iconic Lip (July 29, 2019)

    Oh I'm excited. For a long time Fire Down Below was my signature red and I tried others but none of them look as good on with my skin as Fire Down Below.