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    Since I often hijacked other threads to share the latest episodes of my fave TV Shows, so I've decided to start one. What's your current TV addiction? Mine? 1. Empire 2. How to Get Away with Murder 3. Scandal 4. The Walking Dead - I just recently bought the comic books ;) 5. The...
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    The Balm Cosmetics Haul

    Please do check out my youtube channel: Charismafulltv Thanks! [VIDEO ] [/VIDEO]
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    Urban Decay Haul

    Hey all! Would like to share my Urban Decay Haul with you all. What are your fave eyeshadow shades from Urban Decay that you would like me to try? Please also do check out my youtube channel: Charismafulltv. Thanks!
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    NYC City Duets 2 in 1 Lipcolors

    I've been obsessing with these NYC City Duets 2 in 1 lippies. I love the Rockefellas one. It is very affordable for a good color payoff. Definitely, worth your money. Have you tried these lippies yet? What are you faves from this line?
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    Spring Makeup: Emerald Green Here's a spring makeup featuring this year's color of the year: Emerald Green. Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching.