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  1. makeupbyleslie

    Any upcoming collections w/o black container?

    I love collecting those and having them! I know Surf Baby had them, but I'm a MAC Newbie and wondered if there are any other collections like that as well!
  2. makeupbyleslie

    Your favorite bright lipstick?

    I just got my braces off and I've been wearing 10374523509 bright colors on my lips to flaunt off my new teeth! I love love love Lustering and Creme-Cup :D What are your favorite BRIGHT colors?
  3. makeupbyleslie

    How the heck do you sharpen the MUFE Pencil Liners?!

    I have so much more in the pencil but how do you sharpen it? sorry if this has been discussed before.. :/
  4. makeupbyleslie

    Colorful lipsticks to try out?

    I just got my braces off (finally) ad I want to wear colorful lipsticks from Mac to draw attention my new beautiful smile :D I have basics, Ladybug- bright red, Odessy - dark plum Growing Trend - nude, Lustering - hot pink, Overtime - baby pink (prolong wear) I'm not a big shimmer kinda person...
  5. makeupbyleslie

    New Storage!! (Finally.)

    So I made the choice to get a vintage looking vanity. So I bought 2 Little side tables for 69 dollars each, with a completely Vintage mirror for 2 BUCKS! :D So I spray painted it pink. I did get a new top for it so it doesn't have that two layer kinda thing going on, I store my moisturizers on...
  6. makeupbyleslie

    Technique - How to plump your lips!

    I'm gonna show you some ways to plump your lips! :) 1st way - Cinnamon. Dab your finger in some water and then into some cinnamon so it can adhere better, then scrub it into your lips and wait a couple minutes to feel the buuuuurn! I leave it on until the pain stops (5-10 min, not full...
  7. makeupbyleslie

    So I am offically getting a vanity, help me choose which one?

    Okay so i love love love love this vanity - but it's pretty damn expensive too. but then I looove this on too! and i also really like this one -...
  8. makeupbyleslie


    Hi there! I'm leslie and I want to be a makeup artist when I'm older, so maybe the forums will tutor me a bit!
  9. makeupbyleslie

    School for makeup rant!

    My mom can be so annoying! In my town, there's 2 high schools. ones normal public and the second is a pubic tech school. IN the tech school there's nursing, wood working, plumbing, baking/chef, and guess what COSMETOLOGY! So immediately I told my mom I wanted to go there instead of the shitty...
  10. makeupbyleslie

    New MAC quad Palette!

    Yayyy! yesterday It came in the mail finally! it only took 3 days to get here but it felt like forever, I wanted it soo badly! so I got Cranberry, Brule and Woodwinked! Cranberry - because I fell in looooove with the color when I saw EmilyNoel93(?) use it in a video Brule -...
  11. makeupbyleslie

    Where do you find Limited Edition Eyeshadows?

    I love love love having LE eyeshadows! I feel so special, like no one else can have them! I usually depot them, and put them in my 'Limited Edition 15 palette' and keep the casing forever! But all the time I just see fakes, fakes, fakes. -sigh- but I tend trust blog sales more than...