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  1. Mizzvaine

    Smokey Purple using Kat Von D- True Love Palette

    YouTube - Smokey Purple using Kat Von D Palette- True Love
  2. Mizzvaine

    Blog Sale Haul- my biggest purchase ever!

    I found a blog sale and went all crazy because everything was cheap. You wouldn't believe how much i spent for all of these. INSANE CHEAP! I waited forever to get these babies.
  3. Mizzvaine

    Thoughts about selling your makeup.

    I have too much than what i need.. but I have this attachment to my makeup collection that I don't ever want to sell it. I keep on telling myself that I will eventually sell them since I need money (Im hecka broke). But it's soo hard. Am i the only one feeling this way?
  4. Mizzvaine

    10 lbs in 2 weeks + more. join me on my journey to weight loss!

    I am 21 years old, and over the past 2 years, i gained 10 lbs.. laziness to cook food so i always ate unhealthy fast foods and didnt have time to exercise. i am trying to shed these lbs in 2 weeks. I know it isn't a lot, but my goal weight is where i feel the fittest and healthiest. So...
  5. Mizzvaine

    My pride.. my modest collection of makeup! (pic heavy)

    The love affair started a year ago.. I used to have a job but not anymore. here's a year worth of makeup porn. My MAC collection. tiny NARS collection. (want more ) STILA love. <3 CS contour/blush palette. Must-have! CS 88 palette that i decorated. L'oreal HIP duos. These are...
  6. Mizzvaine

    Easy going out look for last night.

    My friends called me up the last minute that we're going out last night. Ugh, i hate it when that happens.. gives me no time to get ready! hehe. Here's a really simple look i did for last night. There's a tutorial in my youtube channel and an entry in my blog.. feel free to check it out...
  7. Mizzvaine

    Hey beautifuls! :)

    I have been lurking in this forum for awhile now.. I decided to just join in! I really love looking at the hauls/collections section (Im nosy) lol Been into makeup since last year... been collecting it. Hope to know y'all. (if it's possible)