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  1. makeupjunkie08

    Matte vs. Satin e/s for the crease

    Hi folks! Just wanted a word of advice, was just wondering which is better for the crease a matte eyeshadow or a satin? I'm looking for a deep warm brown colour, I would love any recommendations, thanks!
  2. makeupjunkie08

    Russian Red lipglass on NC43?

    Hi fellow makeup lovers! I have a question, I am a WOC my colouring is NC43, I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and am looking for a red lipgloss (I don't really like lipsticks). I mostly (99%) buy MAC, do you think the Russian Red lipglass would be a good colour for me, if not please...
  3. makeupjunkie08

    Russian Red lipglass on NC43?

    Hi folks! I'm NC43 with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair do you think that Russian Red lipglass would look good on me? If not please suggest another red lipgloss by MAC. Thanks!
  4. makeupjunkie08

    Eye Makeup brshes?

    Hi folks! I can only afford to buy one or two MAC eye makeup brushes, which ones are must haves and can you not do without?