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  1. capytan

    Need help with determining whether these are fake..

    I just won these on Ebay. I haven't paid yet. I'm not really sure if you can tell from these pics.. The possibility of them being fake never crossed my mind. For some reason I thought that they wouldn't have fake LE pigments. Can anybody help please? Deep blue green. Night Light. Entremauve.
  2. capytan

    Best cake eyeliner?

    There's alot around, so I need help searching for the most pigmented one. I was thinking about Benefit Babe Cakes, but I'm not sure how good it is. Edit: this is probably in the wrong section.. sorry! Someone can move it.
  3. capytan

    Sketch and Intoxicate.

    Does anyone have comparisons or even swatches of intoxicate by itself? If I have Sketch, will I need Intoxicate? What's the difference? Thanks.
  4. capytan

    How do you wear Uncommon?

    I just got this off ebay, so I didn't try it on beforehand. It turns out dark and orange on me.. looks great on others' though. Is the colour just not for me?
  5. capytan

    Can somebody please tell me if this blush is fake?

    It's the LE sheertone duo of golden kitty/primpin'. Does it look genuine to you? It looks pretty right to me apart from the "MAC" written on the front, but I think that it's just a bit worn.. What do you girls think? TIA.
  6. capytan

    Check out my HUUUGE Mac collection.

    Non-comformist fluidline and Sketch. Yep, pretty big innit? I think I hold the record for the smallest mac collection on Specktra, ever.