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  1. nebbish

    Hair Help!!

    For the last two years, I trim my own bangs and I've been trimming my own hair. It's pretty much all the same length. It's healthy. About bra-strap length. It's BORING! I also have this terrible cow lick in the front of my head so side-swept bangs don't really fall right & I really...
  2. nebbish

    Gel Nails at Home?

    I started getting my nails done again a few months ago, and I LOVE my gels. Not loving the prices, though. These things are amazing ... and amazingly expensive on my college student budget lol. I've been looking into doing them myself at home. Does anyone else do this? What do you use? Where...
  3. nebbish

    Stila Lipgloss Dupe?

    Soo I fell in love with this Stila lipgloss. It's a Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss in a shade called Giggle, which is the most beautifully opaque hot pink I've ever seen in a lipgloss. Problem? I can't really justify $22 on a lipgloss. Does anyone know of a good dupe? Maybe from NYX or a drugstore...
  4. nebbish

    Signature Nail Systems?

    So, I did a bunch of research on gel vs acrylic, and no one can really say weather one is better than the other. I decided to FINALLY go get my nails done & asked the tech which SHE thought was better, and she suggested SNS. Which, according to the little brochure, is supposed to be healthier...
  5. nebbish

    My favorite shadow is LE! Help!

    I received a bunch of MAC shadows from an MUA girlfriend of mine who had a bunch of dupes. Once I started playing with them, I found on in particular that I just absolutely ADORE. Charred. I don't know exactly which collection it came from, but I know it's LE. I've seen it on Ebay, but I'm...
  6. nebbish

    My 21st / I Just Got My Taxes Back Haul!

    So this is part birthday presents from April, part tax return gifts to myself within the last week. Birthday! 217 [FIRST MAC BRUSH!!] Viva Gaga Brule e/s Beauty Marked e/s The Cool set of mini pigments from the holiday collection Reflects Teal Glitter, Dark Blue Green, Fuschia, Grape, and...
  7. nebbish

    Purple Cut-Crease

    I looove the cut-crease look, so I tend to do it a lot. I think I'm getting pretty good! Here's from the other day : My face is red? Curse you, sun! & ignore the brows please, I'm growing them out so I can get them properly waxed. In fact, I think I might've forgotten to fill them <.<...
  8. nebbish

    Makeup For Tattoo Cover-Up?

    I've got 'This too shall pass' on the insides of my wrists and I'm trying to get a job where that's frowned upon. I told them I don't have visible tats, which I probably shouldn't have done, but oh well. It's just done in black, so no colors to hide. I got a watch to cover one side, but that...
  9. nebbish

    Now I'm after a walking disaster.

    This started because I was at the Saks MAC counter after work & I REALLY wanted to try Cyber [which, btw, is a glossy version of Night Violet.] My bathroom light seems to want to make the lovely dark purple sort of ... pinkish? Face: Studio Finish concealer in NW20 Studio Fix Powder Plus...
  10. nebbish

    ELF Haul

    I ordered a bunch of stuff when that 70% off coupon was floating around. On November 30th, to be exact. I got an email on the 7th or 8th of December that my order was shipped, received on the 12th. I feel like this took a really long time, but I'm also really impatient. If I could have just run...
  11. nebbish

    Interview look

    This is what I wore for my Sephora interview :] I'm really diggin' these colors. USED : FACE : theBalm tinted moisturizer in Light MAC Studio Stick in NW15 Some random unnamed bronzer thingy for blush EYES : NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk Kat von D Sinner Rad Purple...
  12. nebbish

    Copied a look ;x

    So, I saw this look/tutorial yesterday and immediately fell in love. I've never emulated something I've seen before, so this is a first, but I think it turned out almost as well as the original ;D My take of the lovely Zoffe's Double Eyeliner look [btw, Zoffe -- Totally love yer looks] Mind...
  13. nebbish

    First Haul Post

    I don't think I've done this before... Anyway, excitement. I haven't been able to buy GOOD makeup for awhile, but I needed foundation. SO. From Sephora... Very small, but still. Balm Shelter tinted moisturizer in Light -- also has SPF, can't beat that! Sephora Nano Liners in Pearl Beige and...
  14. nebbish

    Gel Nails

    I've been looking into it, I'm really thinking about doing it. My natural nails SUCKS. They aren't weak, but they grow in all ... uneven ... and I can't ever shape them properly, tho I've tried. I just prefer fake nails. Polish stays on longer, too... Anyway, I've been researching and...
  15. nebbish

    Twilight Makeup

    I don't want to offend anyone here who actually likes Twilight, but ... WTF. welcome to First, they charge more than most of the major brands for packaging. Like -- there's no reason to charge $18 for what they're calling 'staining balm' which reads like it's a tinted...
  16. nebbish

    Got a Job at LUSH!

    ... At the Florida Mall in Orlando. Sometime at the end of September, I wandered around the mall asking anyone and everyone for applications. I went into LUSH & they had me e-mail in a resume. ( I applied at MAC and made sure my makeup was FLAWLESS when I turned in the app, but the lady was...
  17. nebbish

    It's been awhile! - Smokey neutral with a RED lip!

    Soo my currently-far-away boyfriend suggested that we take a pic for each other everyday until we get to see each other again, which happens on the 20th! I think it's a *very* cute idea and most of my pictures were sans makeup cos that's how I happened to be at the time. This time, I decided to...
  18. nebbish

    Saint Germain dupe?

    Does anyone know of a good Saint Germain dupe? Or perhaps a combination of other products? Thanks, lovelies!!
  19. nebbish

    Matte Black?

    So I have one of the True Romane palettes from Miss Von D [the Beathoven one, to be exact!] and the black broke. I am DEVASTATED. It's the *best* matte black I've had so far! Unfortunately, she doesn't have single eyeshadows and none of the duos include this lovely color... And frankly, I just...
  20. nebbish

    Lady Gaga's Bow!

    I don't know about anyone else, but I think the bow is *adorable*. Anybody have any idea where I might get one? Or how to make one? TIA!