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  1. Miradan

    Pat McGrath Beauty

    BTW, Sephora has the Luxetrance lipstickws on sale for $23 (40% off). I got back-ups of my two favorites (Lavish and Unfaithful) and am trying to decide about Sedition (but when do I wear red right now??).
  2. Miradan

    Pat McGrath Beauty

    Anyone know if the Luxetrance lipsticks are ever coming back after that sale debacle? Nothing has come back into stock on the website, and Sephora is only selling a small number of them right now.
  3. Miradan

    MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2020

    Seriously. 2019 was very underwhelming, other than the release of the new lipstick formula.
  4. Miradan

    Pat McGrath Beauty

    Really disappointed the lippies are all balms and repromotes.
  5. Miradan

    Pat McGrath Beauty

    I've been so good ignoring all the discounts at PMG, and then I got the email this morning that Luxetrance are on sale for $10 each and well, Major Red is heading my way. Luxetrance is my favorite formula, but it's definitely a splurge, and I couldn't resisit.
  6. Miradan

    MAC Love Me Lipstick (Summer 2019)

    Coffee & Cigs is gorgeous, it has an interesting undertone that is really unique.
  7. Miradan

    MAC Love Me Lipstick (Summer 2019)

    We have the same shopping list :) I picked up Coffee & Cigs and, depending on what I think of the formula, will get Bated Breath and Killing Me Softly, and maybe Mon Coeur.
  8. Miradan

    MAC Love Me Lipstick (Summer 2019)

    With apologies if this has been asked already -- will we be able to B2M for these (now or eventually)?
  9. Miradan

    MAC Love Me Lipstick (Summer 2019)

    Is this a new formula or just a collection of existing formulas?
  10. Miradan

    MAC Strip Down (April 4, 2019)

    This is my plan too. I am sitting on a couple b2m-s to use for this.
  11. Miradan

    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    Anyone know if we'll be able to B2M for these, given that they're in regular packaging?
  12. Miradan

    Melt Cosmetics

    Melt got back in touch with me -- they're sure I got Stepford, that it just looks different in different lighting/skintones. Am really not sure how something is purple -- relatively light purple! -- on other people could be this color. I just have to see if it's worth the hassle of sending...
  13. Miradan

    Duplicate for Scant?

    Any suggestions for a dupe for Scant, MAC or other h/e? I love the color but have decided I dislike the formula -- way too soft and prone to breaking. Thanks!
  14. Miradan

    Looking for e/s similar to Sunnydaze

    Sunnydaze is my HG eyeshadow, a beautiful golden-taupe on me -- but it has way too much glitter to wear during the day! Any recommendations for something similar? I know Coco is very similar to it, but I find that Sunnydaze is more golden and somewhat warmer than Coco, which is more silver and...
  15. Miradan


    Good morning/afternoon! I've lurked for about six months but just registered this morning. I love makeup, have only been into MAC for a little while -- helped in large part by the MAC store that's only a couple blocks from where I work! Very dangerous :roll: Looking forward to meeting y'all.