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  1. charismaticlime

    Blue Storm discussion

    Anyone else excited that a cool-coloured collection is coming out? Quote: Originally Posted by claresauntie Mystery looks like a pencil version of Club, but a bit darker. It's AMAZING. Honestly, all I wanted was the Rainy Day nail polish, but Mystery sounds hot! Normally I...
  2. charismaticlime

    Blue lipgloss

    Bourjois Fresh Kiss Minty Lip Gloss: Benefit California Kissin' Lip Shine Any thoughts? Lest we forget, MAC will also be releasing a blue lipstick in the C-Shock collection. I wonder if there'll be any other companies jumping on the blue lippie bandwagon
  3. charismaticlime

    UD Eyeshadow Vault

    If you have eyeshadows pots that you couldn't bear to pry apart, this is the answer for you: Talk about ingenious! I wish this was available in Sephora, though (not one to pay for shipping when I can get it nearby). I would totally buy...
  4. charismaticlime

    lipsticks similar to MAC's glaze finish

    I love their glaze finishes, but they're very limited in colour selection. I was wondering if there are any other brands that carry the same feel and finish as MAC's glaze.
  5. charismaticlime

    nude lipliner

    Does anyone know of any close-to nude lipliners (or any nude product that can be used on the lips) out there? I hate the way concealer and foundation seem to dry out my lips, so I'm looking for an alternative base to put ontop my lips before I apply lipstick/lipgloss.
  6. charismaticlime

    white e/s (not for highlights)

    I'm planning to purchase a white e/s from MAC, but I don't know which to choose. Is there really a visible difference between their white e/s?
  7. charismaticlime

    Birthday/Barbie Haul!

    All this talk about Barbie Loves MAC hauls and crowded stores got me worried that I wouldn't be able to purchase anything from the collection a day after its release. So today I went to the MAC counter in The Bay today and managed to pick up the following: - Playful e/s (their last one!!) -...
  8. charismaticlime

    colours impossible to work with

    I'm asian (NC30) with dark brown eyes, and although I hear that purple makes brown eyes pop, I just can't make it seem to work for me - I end up looking bruised no matter what I do. Is it just me or is anyone else in the same boat?
  9. charismaticlime

    Barbie Loves MAC avatars

    I got bored and decided to make a few avatars dedicated to the collection.
  10. charismaticlime

    Lipglass vs. Lustreglass

    How do they differ? I read the website's description, and honestly, it just confuses me.
  11. charismaticlime

    Am I blind or...

    Does anyone else think that the descriptions for MAC's Babied and Poco Pink Lacquers are switched? I just bought Babied in stores, and when I looked at it under natural light, it looked alot more pink that peachy, as it was described on the website. Then I was looking at other Lacquers on eBay...
  12. charismaticlime


    What should I use if I want to contour my face? Do I need to get the 168 to apply it or is the 187 enough? ETA: I'm NC30.
  13. charismaticlime


    I hate it when I apply blush before I go out, only to come back and find that it disappeared. Does anyone have suggestions as to which brands of blush last the longest (cream or powder)?
  14. charismaticlime

    frosty lipglosses

    I really like Prrr lipglass, and I'm looking for more glosses with that frosty look. Anyone know of other lipglosses that give the same effect?
  15. charismaticlime

    chocolate-scented lipgloss/lipbalm

    As nice as MAC's vanilla-scented lip products are, lately I've been in the mood for a chocolate-scented lip product. Anyone know of any?
  16. charismaticlime

    similar green eyeshadows

    I'm looking for a green eyeshadow similar to MAC Landscape Green Pigment. I just don't want to buy a whole jar of the stuff, cause it would take a lifetime to use up.
  17. charismaticlime

    e/s similar to forest green pigment

    I can't seem to find this pigment on the MAC Pro website, and I'm not too keen on purchasing it off of ebay, so can anyone tell me what e/s are similar to forest green?
  18. charismaticlime

    looking for a particular gold

    Does anyone know a pigment or e/s, or a combo of overlapping colours that's similar to this shade below?
  19. charismaticlime

    Liquidlast and 209

    Has anyone ever tried to apply liquidlast liners using a 209 brush? I like the idea of a liner that lasts forever (one less step to go through in the morning) and they seems to have better colours than Fluidline IMO, but I hear the built-in brushes aren't that good.