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  1. Vicodin

    Mermaid Look

    i was playing around with my make-up and came up with something i really liked what i used: eyes: aqualine liquid last liner as a base and as liner shimmermoss e/s make-up studio e/s in blue emerald freshwater e/s flashtrack e/s sea & sky e/s surreal e/s silverthorn e/s jewel blue e/s carbon...
  2. Vicodin

    various FOTDs - first post

    hi everyone! here are some of my looks, this is my first post which makes me nervous - please be gentle Eyes: Manhattan Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base MAC Sunset B e/s (Starflash) - lid and lower lashline MAC Top Hat e/s (Starflash) - crease and lower lashline MAC Plum Dressing e/s - above crease...
  3. Vicodin

    MAC Masterclass with Nadine L.

    i'm not sure if this is the right forum for a masterclass review - please move if i posted it wrong! First of all, nadine is a very nice person and she explained everything very clear and joked and smiled a lot she did a complete make-up on one model and showed us a quick change on an already...