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  1. scrapbookromance

    its about damn time

    finally! made it to mac for some sweet haulage well, I'm enjoying it! got more on my list but I can get by with this for next week or so haha... entremauve pigment subtle pigment innuendo e/s vex e/s club e/s I checked out the holiday pallettes and I just couldn't bring myself to getting any...
  2. scrapbookromance

    student discount?

    is there any kind of student discount, student discount progam, or aspiring artist program? something similar to the MAC Pro program, but for students or those who aren't in the industry and/or are planning to be.
  3. scrapbookromance

    back to school haul

    finally!! swatches upon request Fix+ (I'm in love, don't know how I lived without this!!) old gold pig black tied e/s (can't wait to try a smokey look) sumptuous olive e/s cranberry e/s fade e/s Fullfilled plushglass I seem to always have a little story with all my hauls. anyway ha. so as...
  4. scrapbookromance


    where can you buy the thinner wet2straight straightener? its by Remmington. I tried looking it up online but the product webpage didn't say places that you could buy it, unless I'm totally missing it
  5. scrapbookromance

    what's hot?

    sorry if this isn't the right place for this post - Mods are welcome to move it as nessecary. so if you had to name a couple themes for the fall what would they be? obviously things in the new collections reflect what's "hot", but what are going to be some wearable trends? I'm *crosses...
  6. scrapbookromance


    how does one go about finding a CCO? some people have a few in their area and I've never seen one around me. are they a chain of some sort that I can look up online?
  7. scrapbookromance

    mac scents

    I've never tried any of them, but I think I may have smelled the one in the green bottle at some point (just because green is my favorite color). anything perticularly nice or interesting? general comments? :spy:
  8. scrapbookromance

    A Muse (with pics)

    Shimpagne MSF Porcelain Pink MSF Ciao, Manhattan lipglass New Weed fluidline Graphic Brown fluidline SFF NC30 Blot Powder pressed medium dark the MSFs are going to be killer when I'm at the beach next week - I'm really excited about that! ciao manhattan is amazing and when I get-muh-tan-on it...
  9. scrapbookromance

    blue brown meets satin taupe

    CLICKABLE THUMBNAILS, YAY! so here's the face I did yesterday. didn't quite turn out how I hoped, nor did the pictures come out like I hoped. but its my first tutorial so lets see how it goes, eh? what you need: green concealer, SFF, 187, bare canvas paint, bluebrown pig, satin taupe e/s...
  10. scrapbookromance

    boyfriend of 16mo thinks of other girls?

    my boyfriend and I have been together for 16 months. I'm at work, and he's talking to me online from home. and he tells me he had a weird dream last night. so I ask him about it. and he's all "no, no you'll hate me!" but finally I get him to tell me. here's the lowdown. his friend from work's...
  11. scrapbookromance

    I wish money didn't matter

    so I got a little while to go til I'm 18 and even have a chance to apply at MAC. but I can't help wondering how much MAC MA's get paid. anyone willing to share what their starting wage was?
  12. scrapbookromance

    favorite MA haul (long post, sry)

    so my favorite MA at the KOP store was working today. whenever he's there I always try to get him to help me because he is full of info and he's so nice and helpful. but I didn't know his name til he wrote it on a card for me. I was like on the inside, finally I can address this guy by name...
  13. scrapbookromance

    Pricing for Amuse

    any idea what the price is going to be for the mineralize eyeshadow duos and MSF's? I know I want all of them, but I gotta set aside my money now. OT question: is shooting star msf doing to be similar to shimpagne? by the pictures they look real similar, except shimpagne is maybe a darker tan...
  14. scrapbookromance

    off to the beach

    well I'm off to the beach in a bit, for the week no internet, so I can't share my FOTD's daily but when I get back hopefully I'll have tons of pretty looks! see you all in a week!
  15. scrapbookromance

    mac chats

    ignorant moment of the day when you do a mac chat, are you talking to a real live person or just to a computer bot that is programmed with mac info?
  16. scrapbookromance

    green concealer

    (this might belong is recs, so mods feel free to move it if nessecary) Is MAC's green concealer anything to rave about? I'm looking for a good green concealer - gotta buy it in the next two days before I leave for the beach on saturday ha. it will be mostly to cover blemishes but I don't want...
  17. scrapbookromance

    Strawberry Festival FOTD

    :thumbsup: this weekend turned out to be not too bad - some new stuff from MAC, friend's graduation party, and going to the Strawberry Festival. all with the boy! it was nice to relax some before finals week woo! this is my first time trying the clickable thumbnails but I thought I would give...
  18. scrapbookromance

    sorry Lure disappointed me haul (pic heavy)

    my boy took me to MAC today - he's a doll I was definately all pumped, and looking to get mancatcher and sea myth e/s. sea myth didn't impress me and I heard too much about it being close to seedy pearly so meh passed on that one. sex ray lipglass was wayyy to glittery but I really thought it...
  19. scrapbookromance

    outing with the boy haul

    ah, KOP Mall is love <3 went to MAC of course and didn't find anything that really jumped out at me, plus it was busy and I don't like fighting my way to the displays to look at stuff. however, no one was looking at the Sundressing things!!! but I discovered Glamoursun lipglass and oh my its...
  20. scrapbookromance

    summer bags

    has anyone seen the small summer bags? I'm looking for something that I can slip a 15x pallete into, a couple brushes, a paint or two, a fluidline or two, a lipglass or two, and maybe a foundation compact. (that sounds like a lot written down!) will the small bag fit a weekend's worth of...