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  1. CSteen85

    Lemons and Grapes <3

    So, I was just playing around and only did one eye. My hair is a mess, etc., but I thought I finally did a good job, so I wanted to document it, haha. Here are some shots of the one eye: That last pic is a Before & After, or as I like to call it, a "Jeckyl & Hyde." Here's what I used...
  2. CSteen85

    ~*~Bronze Coral~*~

    So, I saw this picture somewhere, and thought it was HAWT. I tried to recreate it today after work, but unfortunately, the sun was going away, so I didn't have great lighting to take pics. Here's what I wound up with (with flash - which doesn't look too true to life): And here's without...
  3. CSteen85

    "Little Mermaid" Audition!

    Hi All, this is my first FOTD and it's actually not even my face It's my best friend's, who is a performer and was going on an audition for "The Little Mermaid," on Broadway. She wanted something that was reminiscent of Ariel, without trying to look like her. We did a dry run, and this was...
  4. CSteen85

    "Pistachios and Peaches" - My first attempt at a Tutorial!

    This tutorial features one of my favorite color combos to date: Green and Peach. This is definitely a bit subdued, but I think it's easy enough and hopefully, you get some good ideas from it! Please note: Throughout my tutorial, you'll notice lighting changes. Unfortunately, I was using...
  5. CSteen85

    Hey! New From New York!

    Happy Holidays, Everyone! I've just graduated from college and I'm ready to embark on a world of make up! I am a regular on the Make Up Alley Boards and current swapper, but I love the pictures and chats, here so I wanted to visit this community of great people! I've been using MAC since I...