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  1. hannahchristine

    vanilla vs blanc type vs yogurt

    best "plain" matte shade for all over the eyelid. any tips advice or feelings about these 3 colors would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. hannahchristine

    eyebrows fall downwards during the day

    my eyebrows grow downwards kinda! so during the day im constantly pushing them back into shape. any finishing eyebrow products that will make them stick the way i want without looking fake and covered with product??
  3. hannahchristine

    droopy eyelids

    i know it doesnt even seem like a big deal... but im only 18 and i guess i was born with heavier eyelids... i hate it . to me it looks as if my eyes are lifting up my eyelids... they hang over so much that you cant even see eyeshadow on me when my eyes are open... i even went far enough to check...
  4. hannahchristine

    need help for a blue shadow look!

    i got the NYC urban decay palette and it has GORGEOUS blues in it. i tried to use them and i ended up looking soooo scary! tips for a blue look? or maybe point me in the direction of a thread or tutorial or something??
  5. hannahchristine

    college work out troubles

    im in college and its sooooooo busy that im too stressed out for a longgggg work out (theres just no time it seems) . any tips for quick every day to maybe 4 times a week things i can do to help take off the pounds and tone up???
  6. hannahchristine

    foundations for oily and blemish-prone skin.. +semi large pores,.. EEK!

    i have veryyy oily skin and i have to use both foundation and powder.. but in a matter of an hour or so my face make up starts to look like its melty and shiny. anyone know of any very mattifying foundations that wont break me out? i heard the estee lauder double wear or double matte are good ...
  7. hannahchristine

    emerald eyes , christmas-y

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  8. hannahchristine

    smokey under eye look

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  9. hannahchristine

    pinky girly look :) --first fotd!

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  10. hannahchristine

    how to make a cut crease!

    i have no idea how to do a cut creas so perfectly! help!
  11. hannahchristine

    fair, blond hair, and blue eyes needs help with "dark" looks

    ive found so far that most darker looks like smokey blacks, greys, and even super colorful looks look wayyyyy better on dark haired girls. any tips for a dark look on a blondey like me?? i want to do dark smokey looks so bad but they always look scary!
  12. hannahchristine

    MAC - best lipstick

    best mac lipsticks for a nude lip? from nude to pinky nude to taupey nude. tell your favorites! ( i have especially pigmented lips and struggle to find a good nude shade!
  13. hannahchristine

    nude shade of mac lipstick for a girl with naturally redish lips!

    since i have very pigmented lips the color "creme d'nude" does not work on me. any nude shapes that could work with my pigmented lips and still give me that nude lip look?