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  1. ShugAvery2001

    Learn Halloween Make-Up

    Don't just be a character this Halloween, make money creating them! Special Effects Workshop It is that time of year again...
  2. ShugAvery2001

    Portable Lighting for Jobs

    Hey guys, What are you doing for lighting when you freelance. Some of the jobs I've done had very poor lighting sources. I found this product Stik-Up Light Kit, with Lamp & Filters, Tools, Palettes, Accessories, & Equipment The Paint and Powder Store but I was wondering if you guys were using...
  3. ShugAvery2001

    Official F.T.C.: Bloggers Must Now Disclose Paid Endorsements

    Yes, new FTC guidelines extend to Facebook fan pages | The Social - CNET News Prominent users of Twitter and Facebook won't be exempt from controversial new Federal Trade Commission guidelines that keep tabs on blogger freebies and giveaways, according to Richard Cleland, associate director for...
  4. ShugAvery2001

    MAC's own Online forums & blogs

    I just received an online poll from MAC Pro asking which online blogs I frequent and how often. Specktra and Tempta*** was listed and I also listed Scandalous beauty under "other" They were asking all of these questions about what I'd like to see on a MAC forum including online chats with...
  5. ShugAvery2001

    Maurice Stein and James Vincent in Chicago Free Monday September 21

    Maurice Stein and James Vincent at Make Up First Mark your calenders! Monday September 21, both Maurice Stein and James Vincent will be making appearances at Make Up First School! Come meet and greet these two important figures in the industry. NO CHARGE-OPEN TO THE...
  6. ShugAvery2001

    Famous Make-Up Artist - Marietta Carter Narcisse

    I was browsing the presenters working with the powder group, and noticed all the names of the presenters. So I started googling and hope to find either audio, video, or text detailing these artist journeys.. How they broke into the business and what they like in makeup/skin care.. so I found...
  7. ShugAvery2001

    Dating someone you're not attracted to

    Sooooo New guy in my life. Older more stable working man who thinks I'm the bomb. Problem is that, I'm not physically attracted to him at all. He reminds me of my uncle with his big pot belly. As a person I think we mesh well... We both work hard We both love jazz (i mean really love jazz) He...
  8. ShugAvery2001

    Lost a bag of MAC

    .... and I could fuggin cry my starflash hall is missing. possibly lost and i'm feeling very very VERY sad maybe 60ish something worth of makeup just gone just wanted to share that carry on now
  9. ShugAvery2001

    Free FX Demo/Lecture By Dave Bova in Chicago!

    Date: Friday, July 24, 2009 Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm Location: Make Up First School 28 E. Jackson Blvd Suite 1910 Chicago IL 60604 Call to RSVP 312 880 0801 Here's Dave in Action...
  10. ShugAvery2001

    What's up with the Eyelashes?

    Soooo. went out with the friends the other night right. my girlfriend and one of her ex-lovers (why we were rolling with him is beyond me... but in any case) so .... I did her very light makeup but she wanted lashes so I oblidged and I had on makeup and lashes.. and we're riding. Out of the blue...
  11. ShugAvery2001

    Day To Night

    Face MUFE HD Foundation 175 (kit blush) (random palette) Lips Graftobian Lip Pallette Eyes Lid (forgot) Crease (texture) Outter Crease (embark) I know my product descriptions suck Let me know if I need to move this to another forum.. Just wanted you guys to see. You can click the image for...
  12. ShugAvery2001

    All e.l.f. makeup is $1

    I got this email guys.... for anyone interested Nordstrom is changing the logo on their makeup, so they're selling everything for one dollar on line. The make-up line E.L.F. (eyes-lips-face) has been bought out by Nordstrom and will be re-packaged with the Nordstrom name on it. They are...
  13. ShugAvery2001

    My Friends Face of the Night

    So.. my next door neighbor had a date tonight and ask me to do her help her with her makeup .. so .. here's where we began Eyes Too Face Shadow Insurance (I've totally given up on UDPP) jardin aires texture embark rice paper Ardell Lashes Face Ulta Studio Gear primer Mufe Face and Body in...
  14. ShugAvery2001

    3 Looks incl RR and Sugar Sweet

    Rose Romance Eyes Mutiny Dear CupCake in crease (hazy on that) Deep Truth outer v (hazy on that too) Face Studio Sculpt SPF 15 NC45 (note loving this BUT i did look a little yellowish in professional pictures) Select Sheer Pressed Power NW43 (brings more warmth back over that yellow and sets...
  15. ShugAvery2001

    My Daughters Prom Face of the Day

    I got to do my daughters make up for her jr. prom. It was a very special day eyes.. all that glitters saddle embark ardell demi whispies face studio sculpt nc45 (i love this and it hasn't broken me out either) MSF in dark (to contour cheeks and forhead) Verve-acious (highlight .. finally got...
  16. ShugAvery2001

    Platinum Blonde CupCakes

    Okay my typical cupcake eyes right Red Velvet Dear Cupcake Twinks and Folie in the crease Yogurt as the highlight Ardell 111 Black lashes and Fashion Scoop Cream Sheen Glass Cupcakes has been really working for me this week. I'm going to try something with aquavert and club next... But I...
  17. ShugAvery2001

    Red Velvet Cupcake

    So .. i had to try out some looks with these sugar sweet colors immediately. I'm anxious to look at all of your creations as well. I have aquavert and I'm really thinking about running to get club as well. I also heard plumage works well Anyhew Eyes... Red Velvet SS Dear Cupcake Yogurt Too...
  18. ShugAvery2001

    Experimenting with Bombshell look

    ***note to self.. never take self portraits in front of people. While I was doing this my ex commented that he thinks I've turned into a total narcissist anyHew! Eyes Shroom (lid) Lucky Tom (crease) Cheeks So Ceylon (sp) Lips Revlon Matte "In the Red" (because I'm experimenting with reds)...
  19. ShugAvery2001

    Bitch Slap Cosmetics

    I don't know... this line has been getting a lot of pub on youtube.. I'm thinking about trying it out, mainly because they take paypal payments..... Bitch Slap! Cosmetics YouTube - Bright Blue Smokey Eye using Bitchslap-Cosmetics! YouTube - BSC Contest Entry PLUS Tutorial! YouTube - Bitch...
  20. ShugAvery2001

    Cult of Cherry Re-Loaded

    I was inspired by Krasevayadancer OfficerJenny & LadyVirtous To shop my stash and break out my cult of cherry stuff before spring hits. eyes Tempting Quad Lips Bing Mattene Jampacked l/g Cheeks Plum Du Bois