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  1. hhunt2

    Sex Offender as a Neighbor

    My husband recently uploaded iPhone's Crime Report app, and our neighbor's address popped up. He's a SEX OFFENDER! Forced raped, oral copulation on a 14 y/o and incedent exposure. Holy Shiet!!! I cant believe this! My 8 y/o nephew comes over to my house often and there's a 4 y/o little...
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    Ocean Front Property in Arizona...

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    Bridal/Bachelorette Party Questions!? Help!

    My hubby’s bf is getting married early next month (the bf is the groom). I’ve only met the bride-to-be a couple of times. And she has invited me to her Bridal Shower; a Tiffany’s theme. The shower and wedding will be in Arizona. The day of the shower is when my flight is scheduled to arrive...
  4. hhunt2

    Porn Name... Ms. C*nt!

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  5. hhunt2

    Corvette v.s. Viper

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    :: Tim Burton Skeleton Inspired ::

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    :: Pin-up Rockabilly Inspired ::

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    Day of the Dead FOTD

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    Bad things you used to do as a kid/teen?

    What were some bad things you used to do as a child or as a teenager? ------------- When I was a kid, I used to lie to classmates so I would fit in. I once stole $20 bucks from my moms wallet for ice cream. As a teen, I would shoplift (only 4 times, then I got caught). I would lie to my...
  10. hhunt2

    Closing a thread

    How do you "force close" a forum/theard so no one can post a comment b/c it's a duplicate/similar theard to another one? Do I contact an admin like Janice or a moderator member? P.S: Would this be the correct theard to post this question in? lol
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    How not to be tired all the time? I need advice.

    All the time I feel tired. On the weekends, I'll sleep-in b/c it's the days I won't go to work. I know that if I sleep-in for too long, I'll have a killer headache. As for daily tiredness, even right now, I'm at work feeling so tired. My eyes want to shut, my body feels tight & ache, my...
  12. hhunt2

    About Forever 21-- Help!!!

    Here's the dilemma... My husbands cousins and friends are coming into town. I don't go "clubbin" or "bar hoppin" b/c that's not my thing (people that I know that go clubbin are my ex's or my former friends who don't take life seriously... sorry if I offend anyone). BUT... my in-law-cousins are...
  13. hhunt2

    My husband is Anti-Specktra...

    Well, my significant other doesn't like me on Specktra. He said that I'm "wasting my time" on Specktra. And that I'm "stupid" for writing blogs/threads. Oh how do I feel like crying in the corner like a child. So I just kept my mouth shut and started this thread. Makeup is my world b/c...
  14. hhunt2

    Free Mac due to Lawsuit! MUST READ!

    I'm watching my local news early this morning and a segment on San Francisco's CBS 5 news came on about "Cosmetic Lawsuit Means Free Makeup And Perfume". Anyone who has bought high end cosmetics or perfume (brands include Chanel, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, MAC, Aveda, Lancolm, etc.) between May...
  15. hhunt2

    CCO and F&F Haul (My 1st Haul)!

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