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  1. ellesea

    Negative feedback?

    I recently corresponded with someone about buying items from my saleslist. She went from wanting to buy two items to all of the eyeshadows to. So to be nice, I also said I would give her free shipping. And then we e-mailed back a couple times as I explained how to pay via PP as she did not have...
  2. ellesea

    Has anyone tried Fresh scents?

    I am absolutely in love with pretty much every scent from the fresh line. I can't get enough of the Sugar scents especially Sugar Lychee. The others I absolutely adore are pomegranate anise, cucumber baie, and pink jasmine
  3. ellesea

    Returning Unused Unopened Items?

    I just bought Mint & Olive eyeliner and now regret it. I want to wear it on my waterline but I have contacts so I don't think that'll work but I heard that anything returned to MAC is disgarded? I don't want to return if my unopened, unused item is going to be chucked. I actually haven't even...
  4. ellesea

    Do You Buy Items and Never Use Them?

    Everytime I find limited edition items from past collections or current collections, I buy the colors I can wear but when I bring them home, I just can't get myself to use them! I know part of the LE thing is just a marketing ploy, but I have a fast growing collection of gorgeous...
  5. ellesea

    MAC China - Beijing

    I'm going to Beijing in December and I know there is a MAC there. Does anyone know if the special Asia releases are only for Taiwan and Hong Kong? Last year when I was there they had special collection of "White" items --> powders, skincare, etc. although the prices were all outrageous.