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  1. eyebrowless

    Best Products for Body Acne?

    I bought an acne soap in the "acne products" section at Shoppers Drug Mart. It is by a brand called "Carbon Theory". It's a charcoal soap bar and, while I normally have severe itchy heat rash on my chest and back, this soap cleared it completely for the first time in pretty much my whole life...
  2. eyebrowless

    Nina Ricci Le Tient Ricci Lipstick - Question

    Hi there, I have an older Nina Ricci Lipstick.. The colour on the bottom says Les Corails and 16, however when I Google, Les Corails doesn't come up as that number. Searching the name comes up as the right colour, but searching the number comes up with something different and searching both...
  3. eyebrowless

    fake MAC seller on CRAIGSLIST (vancouver, bc, CANADA)

    (click to enlarge) some examples of the fake items (click to enlarge): top: 24 piece brush set - selection of brush rolls - (whats described as) matte powder middle: eyeshadow pallette closed - blush palette closed bottom: lipliners - closeups of 187...
  4. eyebrowless OMG! WHAT a DISAPPOINTMENT!!

    I wasn't sure whether to cry or laugh.. Some idiot put A LOT of effort into this... +shakes head+
  5. eyebrowless

    Fiery Foto Fun FOTD! -17 July-

    FACE FOUNDATION: Full Coverage Foundation NC30 CONCEALER: Studio Finish Concealer NC20 POWDER: Sunspill Beauty Powder/Loose, Shadester Shaping Powder BLUSH: Dresscamp Pink Beauty Powder Blush EYES BROW: Shadester Shaping Powder and Fix + BASE: Shell Cream Colour Base EYELID: Sunny Girl Eye...
  6. eyebrowless

    HELP! Lippies without labels!

    Hopefully the pictures are good enough.. but can anyone help me identify these colours? Viva GLam V I think this may be Big Kiss... but I'm not sure. The two on the right are the lipglasses.
  7. eyebrowless

    Enter the MAChine...

    I'm at my boyfriend's right now, and I'm really bored so this is my collection in words. All my pictures are on my other computer.. so wait till I get home for pictures mmk? I`m still working on the text part as well.  Foundation Select SPF 15 Full Coverage  Beauty Powder/ Loose (* denotes a...
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    Je ne parle pas francais, je parle FAFI! My $600 Fafi Haul.

    Lipstick - Flash N' Dash, Strawbaby, Fun N' Sexy, High Top, Utterly Frivolous Lipglass - Cult Fave, Sugar Trance, Squeeze It Fafi Eyes 1 & 2 Paint Pot - Girl Friendly, Nice Vice, Perky, Cash Flow Iridescent Powder/Pressed - Belightful Blush - Fashion Frenzy and Hipness Nail Lacquer - Girls Will...
  9. eyebrowless

    MY $600 FAFI HAUL!!! +snicker+ Storing this is gonna stink!

    SO the reason this one comes to you so late is because I had to purchase everything over 3 days. And I have the scarf and a MAC/mini to pick up later today yet. So it's still not complete.I only took swatch thread pics so far so no haul pictures till I charge my camera battery and get off my ass...
  10. eyebrowless

    Shadowy Nocturne - 09 Feb 08 FOTD - PIC HEAVY

    I'm so jealous of you New Yorkers. I WANT FAFI AGDHADHADH CHOMPCHOMP. FINE THEN. Ayways here's my Smokey plummy purple FOTD. I like it. OH BTW do the poll. USED (all MAC - no exceptions) FACE Select SPF 15 Foundation Lightsweep/Shadester Sculpt & Shape Powder Duo Lovestone Mineralize...
  11. eyebrowless

    It can't be stopped.. Why? BECAUSE I SPIT HOT FIRE. The MACness is here!!

    Holla! Starting a new thread. This one is getting on my nerves.
  12. eyebrowless

    Fresco Fabulous - FOTD 25 January - PIC HEAVY.

    Apologies for object that may be floating around in my eye in some pictures.. And for the semi angry eyebrows. What I Used (all MAC) Select SPF 15 Foundation Solitaire Sheerspark Pressed Powder Drizzlegold Beauty Powder/ Loose Warmed Mineralize Skinfinish Dame and Dollymix Blush (Base)...
  13. eyebrowless

    Because he loves me.. an 'I Love You' Haul.

    Yesterday my boy and his MasterCard took me to MAC. AND FINALLY, my package (Lil' Sizzler Lipgelee) arrived!!! [thxsomuch to Krasevayadancer] Today my boy and his MasterCard took a small list I made to MAC. That's everything. Warmed Mineralize Skinfinish Dame and Style Pro Pan Blush...
  14. eyebrowless

    FOTD 11 January 08 - Nanomental. BIG PICS.

    i <3 my new piercings. USED: Prep and Prime Skin Light Flush (N Collection!) and New Vegas Mineralize Skinfinish Fashionette and Solitaire Sheerspark Pressed Powder Ambering Rose and Trace Gold Blush Painterly Paint Pot Nanogold (N), Honesty, Haux, Swiss Chocolate, Next To Nothing and...
  15. eyebrowless

    FOTD 10 and 11 December 07 YAY!

    2 days of fabulousness for you today so here goes: (I don't list my foundation but I use Full Coverage in NC30 if you care that bad) 10 December First of all, a few weeks ago, my PRO store invited me to this: Aaaand I went to this exclusive 'max person capacity: 60' shindig with my makeup...
  16. eyebrowless

    FOTD 8 December 07

    Aloha, been awhile. I was up, I was bored, dark blue happened.. If it's messy, I blame Bang On Blue. YOU CANNOT BLEND THAT THING FOR ALL IT'S WORTH. All $16.50CDN... CMON. FACE No foundation New Vegas (McQueen) Mineralize Eyeshadow Fahionette (Stylistics) Sheerspark Pressed Powder Margin...
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    +JAWS music playing+ AHHHH We're gonna need a bigger traincase! 1 crammed photo!

    So now that all the Holiday collections and the exciting Winter collections have been released and are now at a store near you, I thought I'd share the... GROWTH... I've experienced in these last 2 months. Without further adieu, I bring you "Everything I've purchased since McQueen- Collections...
  18. eyebrowless

    Mulling over some CURIOSITEASE I had.. TO BUY! I got some stuff. PICTURES LOTS OF!1!1

    CURIOSITEASE Warm & Cool Lipglass Lustreglass: 5 Plushglass: 5 Warm & Cool Pigment: 5 OF BEAUTY Skin Lure Studio Lights Sunspill Beauty Powder/Loose (Not shown: Samples of Tenderdusk and Soft Flame Beauty Powders) 183 Flat Buffer Brush ANTIQUITEASE Your Ladyship Pigment OTHER Viva Glam I...
  19. eyebrowless

    FOTD 29 October 07

    COOL EYES YO! -USED- Face Drizzlegold Beauty Powder New Vegas Mineralize Skinfinish Margin Blush Fuschia Pigment (Blush) Eyes Painterly Paint Pot Royal Assets: 6 Cool Eyes Medallion (Highlight)/ Silverwear (Highlight) Trophy Pink (Lid, Lower Lashline)/ Modern Heir (Lid, Lower Lashline and...
  20. eyebrowless

    Red Romp Lipglass vs. Fan-Plastico Lacquer

    Fan plastico is on the left.