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  1. sss215

    All Things Sephora

  2. sss215

    All Things Sephora

    Hi All! It’s been awhile since I have posted on the site. Quick question, did anyone get an email about Sephora transferring 500 points into a $10.00 off coupon?
  3. sss215

    Rihanna ❤❤❤ MAC for 2013

    Just though I'd start the thread over here for this collection!
  4. sss215

    Using an orange lipstick to neutralize gray discolorations on skin

    I saw this vid and I really want to try the orange lipstick trick. I also think this video is fabulous cause i love the way she is applying her foundation. check it out!
  5. sss215

    Magnolia Makeup

    Has anyone tried their pigments? I have been hearing good things about this indy brand and I ordered O.C.S, a yellow orange which is like the color or orange juice. it doesn't look frosty, so i was sold on it! Overall, the colors look very pigmented and they are reported as being...
  6. sss215

    NARS Boutique NYC

    So excited this store is now open! Has anyone been yet? Is anyone planning on going soon? How does it look? do you have any photos, and exclusive product hauls? Please post them here. I hope to go this spring. I can't wait!
  7. sss215

    Rumored Nikki Minaj/MAC collaboration

    I just read about this, this morning. Any thoughts?? Not that much of a fan, but I like MAC and celebrity pair ups, especially with women of color. If this happens I can see this being a very popular item. Looks like it will be a fun color. Hopes its wearable for me, cause if so I will...
  8. sss215

    MAC Stars N Rockets

    OMG. I am probably so late to the party on this, but did you know that over a black base, Stars N Rockets changes into a beautiful blue color. Then its even better with a little Freshwater on top. Its beautiful.
  9. sss215

    Last Haul Before Venomous Villians!!!!

    Trying to save up for the VV release so I am starting a no buy, today Sept. 1, until the release. here are those last items that have come home with me in the last week: MAC Cunning l/s MAC Red Brick e/s MAC Motif e/s MAC Constructivist p/p MAC Star by Night e/s (CCO) MAC Bat Black CCB (CCO)...
  10. sss215

    Naked Deep Dark Pigment

    Hi, Does anyone have this pigment? Do you have a swatch for it or a look with it? I am leaning towards it, but I would love to see it swatched on someone with a similar skin tone as me. Thanks in advance!
  11. sss215

    WOC: This Is Metal Rock

    Just in case you haven't seen it before and want to know what all the fuss is about. Here is a recent photo of it with Warm Blend from last year's Color Craft: Quote: Originally Posted by coachkitten Warm Blend is lighter than Metal Rock. But Warm Blend is more bronze as Metal...
  12. sss215

    MAC 214 brush: underated

    This short shader brush is so underrated! its from style black and blond, brunette, redhead. i tried to get it at MAC stores and had no luck but found it online. this brush is like a shorter 239, and is soft. I love that since i have a small amount of lid space. i have so much control...
  13. sss215

    Tell me about the 168 brush for blush application.

    pros, cons, is it a must have? i really like this brush but am wondering if its a necessity. i would love some feedback.