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  1. natjotua

    cut crease, post HALLOWEEN party makeup. kinda pic heavy!

    This is makeup i wore to a halloween party on saturday night, i was SUPPOSED to be a ventrioquist doll, but people thought i was a vampire.. haha anyways, i just wiped off the lines on the side of my mouth to take pictures.. ill include some pictures from my camera phone, but the lighting is...
  2. natjotua

    A One-Eyed Job

    I was bored and it was late at night. I haven't picked up an eyeshadow brush in like months, and clearly, I need some more practice to get myself in the habit of things again!! I'll be up and running in no time! I just wanted to play with my 88 palette.. this is truly nothing special! haha I...
  3. natjotua

    truly not a special FOTD.. just red lips & winged liner!

    i was bored with my everyday face yesterday, so i decided to play up my lips with some red! i know it's nothing special.. but it's a FOTD! and i just love specktra! =) face: msf medium dark studio finish concealer in nw30 coppertone blush eyes: maybelline lash stiletto almay black liquid liner...
  4. natjotua

    feelin blue? haha i couldnt think of a more clever title!

    So, those who normally see my FOTDs know that i am completely in love with smokey eyes! I'm trying to better my skills in makeup application by trying one look at a time with different colors everytime, and i think im getting pretty good at the smokey eye! Tell me what you think, because CC is...
  5. natjotua

    just another neutral SMOKEY eye =)

    Lately, i've been LOVIN the smokey eye look!! its so simple, easy, and classic.. yet it has a great effect on your entire look! So, i ordered the same exact coastal scents 28 neutral palette, but instead of purchasing it from CS, i found it on EBAY! The seller i bought it from actually has the...
  6. natjotua

    mulchy carbon?? =D you be the judge!

    hmm, i never really say this - but i would like to think that i had a KINDA great makeup night! the pictures may show otherwise, but what do ya'll think anyways? face: revlon colorstay foundation - golden caramel mac studio finish concealer - nw30 mac blush - mocha mac blush - emote(to...
  7. natjotua

    Oh, VALENTINES! you've INSPIRED me! =)

    got kinda bored.. this was meant to be a video on my youtube channel, but the color was so off! i hate when that happens! So instead of wasting a look, i took a bunch of pictures.. how vain of me, huh?! haha! eyes: mac shroom e/s mac sushi flower e/s mac hepcat e/s mac carbon e/s mac claire de...
  8. natjotua

    Msf Natural??

    I know that MSF naturals aren't really meant for full coverage or anything like that, but I use it every day(usually with fix+) -- but I just wanted to know if any one has any suggestions on how to get better coverage with MSFs??
  9. natjotua

    CLASSIC BLACK SMOKEY EYES (old FOTD & 1st attempt at smokey eyes)

    Keep in mind this was back when I barely started doing smokey eyes - so it might not be too great of a job! I have a video tutorial of this on my YOUTUBE channel homepage called "classic black smokey eyes" if you care to see it =) The link to my channel is on my signature below! EYES: Sally...
  10. natjotua

    Beginners need LOVIN' too! =)

    This was taken while back, but I'm guessing that these are the right products! I know im not the greatest, but I try! CC is VERY welcome! =) EYES: MAC-shroom MAC-sushi flower MAC-sketch MAC-nylon MAC-carbon ALMAY liquid liner in black LOREAL-voluminous mascara LIPS: MAC-warm smile...
  11. natjotua

    my first post! =) why am i nervous?!

    It was late, and i just decided to play with my eyes! EYES: mac painterly p/p mac sketch e/s (crease) mac brown script e/s (behind sketch) mac shroom e/s (lid) mac wedge e/s (below highlight) stila nude e/s (highlight) jane gel liner in black mac #36 lashes FACE: MSF natural in medium dark no...
  12. natjotua

    Stained 187! Furious!!

    So, i've been using my MAC 187 brush to apply my new revlon colorstay foundation.. when i washed all my brushes today, i found that even AFTER i washed my 187, it was super stained from the foundation! AHHH! i know the brush is completely clean, but im still pissed that its stained! Does...