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  1. PMBG83


    Hello everyone. While I had found a way to get artdeco products here in the US without having friends in Europe now Artdeco has a relationship with HSN and their first show will air on the 21st of May. While the retail upswing is slated for 2010 sometime.
  2. PMBG83

    Gifting to myself

    Skincare makeup clothes and boots(going clubbing this weekend).
  3. PMBG83

    Que the heavenly harp

    I finally got around to showing my collection. The brushes I got off of ebay from an awesome lady in China......32 pieces hot as hell! Tell me why I saw the same brush set on an american site for $100 and I got mine for $40 with the beautiful case? Actually one is a japonequse(sp?) straight edge...
  4. PMBG83

    Nubian Ethereal

    Just thought Id post a really simple look I half mimicked from a sephora catalog and half thought up myself. Any shimmery colors will do as this is what I call a "wash of sheer colors look". Color family: teals slivers and purples use blush and lip gloss accordingly.
  5. PMBG83

    New Here

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone here and Im estatic that I found this site b/c Im a cosmetics addict. Im a tad bit broke right now but plan on getting into the more expensive high end things but still use the less costly products as well(hence my sn namesake Promiscuous Makeup Brand Girl and...