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  1. kradge79

    My "Its been a long week" Haul

    I don't know why, but it has just been a long stinky week. So I was quite looking forward to today with the release of C-Shock. I didn't get much, but it has helped me feel better. Yippee retail therapy! Wondergrass e/s Big T e/s Sugar Shock l/g Brush Cleaner
  2. kradge79

    My Late Birthday Haul!

    My birthday is May 10, but my mom held on to my presents because DH and I went to visit them this past weekend. Yippee it was quite the MAC party!! She got me... Bingo! Plushglass Gingerroot Cremestick liner Navy Stain Powerpoint Parfait Amour Eyeshadow Aquadisiac Eyeshadow Moonflower...
  3. kradge79

    My Missing Haul...

    I went to MAC on Friday evening to look at Slimshine and Strange Hybrid. I only ended up getting Bare, which I love!! After that I went to the Cheesecake Factory for a birthday dinner for me with a bunch of friends. I left my MAC bag there, but when I called the same night, the girl at the...
  4. kradge79

    Adding to the Barbie fun!

    I got to the MAC store at International Plaza in Tampa yesterday around 10:15 (I took a personal day from work just so I could make sure to get there, but I was running late as usual). By that time they had already given out all the numbers for the dolls, so I couldn't get one One lady in...
  5. kradge79

    Christmas/Danse Haul

    I tried to post this a while ago, but it wouldn't let me. This is what I got for Christmas and from Danse. Christmas: Cool Lipglass set Peach Lip set Intense Eyes palette Danse: Swan Lake e/s (love this) Jete e/s Glissade MSF (my first and I really like it so far) Not too much, but I can't...
  6. kradge79

    My Day before Thanksgiving Haul

    I went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping, but was quickly overwhelmed for some reason. I did end of getting a little MAC, and while it is not a lot, I'm happy! I haven't bought anything in a while, so this is good for now! Graphic Brown f/l (missed it before, glad I finally got it)...
  7. kradge79

    Today's Haul

    I haven't gotten anything in so long, so I was really looking forward to seeing all the new stuff today. I have to say, I was really underwhelmed with Nocturnelle. I don't know why, but it wasn't what I hoped. Oh well, I'm sure there will be more out soon that I need! *Innuendo e/s (2) *Mini...
  8. kradge79

    Helping a friend with small eyes

    My best friend is going on a dinner cruise and wants help with her makeup. She wants to do a smokey eye, which is fine, except that she has extremely small eyes, which is the opposite of me. Does anyone have any tips? Anything is appreciated!
  9. kradge79

    My Near MAC-astrophe

    I hope this is the right forum for this. I thought you guys would be the only ones to appreciate this. I was in the shower last night and my hubby was futzing around the bathroom and accidentally knocked a bag of brand new MAC stuff...into the toilet!! The bag contained 2 powerpoints, a...
  10. kradge79

    My What a Great Day Haul

    So I had a pretty darn good day. I babysat for an adorable little girl this morning, and she slept most of the time I was there. And then I went to the Mall and got some great new MAC and a great new Coach bag. Fabu!! My MAC Ricepaper e/s Blacktrack f/l Silverplate p/p Engraved p/p (my...
  11. kradge79

    My Lure Haul!

    I actually went shopping twice this weekend and got MAC both times. Luckily for me, DH paid for the first trip as a late birthday present. Here's what I got... First Trip Aquavert e/s Pink Resort TLC Nightfish f/l (my first f/l) Second Trip Pretty Please l/s Phosporelle l/g I wasn't going...
  12. kradge79

    My Sundressing plus more haul

    I went to the Sundressing event @ International Plaza in Tampa last night and it was so fun. Very crowded, but still a good time. The fab MA Jonathan worked with me, he was great, although he tested the e/s on me over what I already had on, which was interesting. Anyway, here's what I got...
  13. kradge79

    Help with peachy lipglass...

    I'm going to the Sundressing event tonight and the person I was originally bringing can't come now, due to pregnancy related health issues. I asked if I could pick something up for her and she said she needs a peachy lipglass and lipliner. She is very fair, red hair, and she wears...
  14. kradge79

    My I spent so little haul

    I went to MAC Friday and was all excited to get some new stuff. I had a $20 gc and figured I would be spending a substantial amount. Well, this is what I got... Ultra-Chill Softsparkle Eye Pencil Blot Powder in Medium (They gave me the Icon one) 15 pan pallette Honeyflower lipstick (B2M) So...
  15. kradge79

    MAC Private Event Question

    I got an invite to the Sundressing event at the MAC at International Plaza in Tampa yesterday and I'm so excited! Anyone else in the area get one? So here's my real do these work? Is it just browse around and buy whatever? I am so looking forward to it, but I don't want to seem...
  16. kradge79

    Best "Brand" of exercise DVD's?

    I saw the post below about where to get good DVD's, and now I'm wondering what your faves are. I'm looking to get a good variety, I already work out fairly often, but I can't get to the gym on the weekends, so DVD's are my best bet. I live in Florida so working out outside in the summer is no...
  17. kradge79

    Any mid-20s with oily skin, please come in!!

    I'm 26 and have been dealing with oily, problem skin since I was 11 or so. I've been on numerous perscriptions, numerous skincare regimens, and never had much luck. I'm currently looking for a new regimen and new products, and am wondering what you guys use. Nothing too expensive, please...
  18. kradge79

    Biotherm Sense Matte help

    I have heard such raves about this foundation and I want to give it a try. There isn't a counter near me, so I was wondering if you lovely ladies could help me with color. I'm pale and right now I'm using Clinique Stay True in Stay Ivory. I'm also using MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW15...
  19. kradge79

    Help with Pearlizer

    I just got Pearlette Pearlizer and I need to know exactly how you ladies use it. I have never used any kind of highlighter or even a bronzer, so this is all new to me. Any advice is welcome. Thanks!
  20. kradge79


    Hello everyone! I've been lurking for a little while and decided to finally join up. I've got some great ideas from everyone and look forward to many more. It is nice to meet others with the same MAC addiction that I have!