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  1. cheapglamour

    makeup look for a hair show :)

    we had a fashion show/hair show at a club to raise money for breast cancer.. (hence the pink) enjoy! my model p.s. i did her hair and makeup HIP duo in platinum mac crystal avalanche for highlight mac sushi flower mac passionate l'oreal voluminous carbon...
  2. cheapglamour

    it's been a lonnng time.

    you probably don't even remember me lol. but this is the look i did today when i was playing around.. i really kinda liked it but enjoy CC is welcome sorry the pics aren't too great! . two faced shadow insurance. two faced silk teddy e/s mac sweet and punchy e/s mac electric eel e/s mac...
  3. cheapglamour

    What do you think of this lipcolor? tell me honestlyyy.

    please it's just lilac champagne by revlon's moon drops. this isn't the best pic ever, though.
  4. cheapglamour

    Rainy day in Texas.

    Blah the weather was crappy the last two days. Thunderstorms and Tornado watches I was scared. But I got bored and did my makeup I used.. MAC carbon MAC old gold pigment Avon liquid eyeliner Maybelline mascara Milani eyeliner and a random highlight color in a palette. Hope you like...
  5. cheapglamour

    Question about eyebrows.. Sorry I don't know where this would belong.

    Does anyone have blonde, or realllyy light eyebrows? Because I do and I really need some help or suggestions on how to fill them in, it's really hard because they are SOO light. What do you use? How do you do it? please help if you can
  6. cheapglamour

    i'm feeling bright :)

    Lame title, I know. :/ Things I used: -BeautiesFactory Pro 120 palette. -Clinique 'Sunset glow' blush. -Maybelline 'Last stiletto' mascara. (which sucks by the way. i hate false advertisement lol.) -Too Faced eye primer. -Avon liquid eyeliner in 'sparkling black'. Hope you like. edit...
  7. cheapglamour

    What is your weirdest habit?

    What is your weirdest habit? I wanna know I'm not the only weirdo. I was thinking of mine but i totally lost it.
  8. cheapglamour

    relatively new.. tell me honestly what you think :)

    here's a few looks i've done on myself in the last week. i REALLY wanna know what you all think. be honest. All of my colors were from a Coastal Scents 88 palette. Except for the red and black, that is MAC (danger zone).
  9. cheapglamour

    Has anyone ordered from Beauties Factory?

    I ordered from them.. 8 days ago. I understand it's not that long but they said like 2-5 days. Have any of you ordered from them? And did you ever get it, how soon? Also, did you like the stuff you got? Does anyone know if they have lead in their makeup?
  10. cheapglamour

    Is anyone in cosmetology school? Or previously been in it?

    I am right now in highschool. Yes we have it in our highschool amazing, i know. But i'm so close to being finished with all of my hours so that means that my state board test is coming up Does anyone want to share experiences? Or give me some tips?
  11. cheapglamour

    my lips..

    naturally my lips are a purple-ish.. pinkish color but more purple. is this normal?
  12. cheapglamour

    fake nail issues :(

    i'm new & i'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. butttt.. i was getting my nails done for a while and i'm finally starting to realize that it's a waste of money so i took them off. but my real nails are SO THIN that when i took the fake nails off with cuticle clippers my real nails started...