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  1. AjaAbeni

    Going to Vegas need recs!!!

    So im going to Vegas in a couple days and i wanted some recs for makeup choices. Im currently wearing Studio Sculpt foundation but I dont think it will work to well inn the Vegas heat, does anyone have any recs on which foundation I should choose? Also which eyeshadows (color wise) should I...
  2. AjaAbeni

    My "I dont know wht the hell happened" haul...

    Sooooo, I went to MAC today in hopes that they still had Love Rock blush, cause Moon River is just not doing it for me anymore, and to get a friggen SAMPLE of foundation when the next thing I know im walking outta there wit a effin bag full of stuff??? Wtf?? Lol anywhooo this is what I got...
  3. AjaAbeni

    Has anyone seen the UD Baked Bronzers????

    I was in Sephore today and I came across these!!!! They're $24, I really like is so far. I picked up one in GILDED.... Left: Soft and Gentle MSF Middle: UD Baked in Gilded Right: Refined MSF
  4. AjaAbeni

    Love and Sex and Magic

    Heeeey im back!!! So i was inspired to bring out my Too Dolly palette and play with again!!! Dont know why the damn flash made me look "ghostly" uggh I hate it!!! All Products M.A.C. unless stated Face: MSFN Med Plus MSF Perfect Topping Fix+ Eyes: Too Dolly Palette Yogurt, Too Dolly...
  5. AjaAbeni

    He said, "I dont think you're beautiful I think you're beyond it..."

    Hello!! This is my First FOTD....go easy on me lol. My birthday is coming up and i was playing around tryin to find my perfect look Face: Sheer Select NC35 Fun & Games Blush Refined MSF Perfect Topping MSF Fix+ Eyes: Sugar Shot Aquavert Parfait Amour Stars 'N Rockets Blacktrack Fluidline...