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  1. NicoleL

    MAC Black Panther Collection 2022

    I'm a little surprised that I haven't heard more about this collection. I feel like even the stranger things collection got more attention (on Youtube at least). Did you end up getting a highlighter? How do you like it?
  2. NicoleL

    MAC Black Panther Collection 2022

    I'm not sure, I would call your local MAC counter and ask.
  3. NicoleL

    MAC Black Panther Collection 2022

    It hasn't been released yet.
  4. NicoleL

    MAC Black Panther Collection 2022

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place, it has been a while since I've seen a post about a new MAC collection on here. I was really excited to see this collection and I love the color choices. What do you guys think, will you be buying anything? If you want to visit the page, the pictures...
  5. NicoleL

    MAC Eyeshadow Extension (2019)

    I got the box too :D
  6. NicoleL

    Makeup geek eyeshadow for woc?

    Sorry if this has been talked about somewhere but I searched around and couldn't really find what I was looking for. I've been really curious about makeup geek eyeshadows, I'm really curious if they are actually as good as mac or if its is more about the price point that people prefer and are...
  7. NicoleL

    NW Florida panhandle- Navarre?

    Wondering if there are any other makeup enthusiasts in my area to connect with. It'd be nice to find a person or group to get together with and talk makeup and maybe do some swaps occasionally.