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  1. redhead2000

    How many is too many?

    What is the highest number of backups you've ever purchased? This is so embarassing, but I have 5 (yes, 5) Corps de Ballet lipglosses b/c it is my HG! :eek2:
  2. redhead2000

    Lightful question...

    Not sure if this has been discussed or not, but is this collection actually supposed to reduce redness? I have red hair and pale skin. My cheeks are naturally ruddy, so I don't ever use blush. (Scared at the end of the day I'll look like a clown because where I work is really hot!) Is this...
  3. redhead2000

    Why does MAC make

    a NW5 powder but not an NW5 foundation?
  4. redhead2000

    Nordstrom and their free shipping

    Thursday I bought: Cleanse off Oil (can always use it) shroom (needed it) sublime culture (Instyle used it on isla fisher, so I figured why not?) Then, yesterday: Poetique lipglass Backup of Jete Spent too much $$$!
  5. redhead2000

    Dupes of LE eyeshadows?

    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place. I need to know where I can find dupes of LE eyeshadows. I am running low!
  6. redhead2000

    Newbie needs help!

    Hi! I have been lurking here for quite a while now, but have never posted. I am a member of MUA (username redhead2000). How do I get to participate in the iTrader?