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  1. chavezwifey

    MUFE PAN STICK.. what shade??

    so i really really want to buy MUFE pan stick, i don't know what shade to buy, they seem too dark or too light, i'm a NC42/43 (NC40/42 winter) MUFE 153 MUFE Mat Velvet #60 (perfect shade) NARS sahara Chanel honey has any one tried this product before, love it or hate it?
  2. chavezwifey

    what shade am i in MAC's foundation got it ladies, thanks

    so i want to buy MAC's mineralized satinfinish SPF 15 foundation but i dont know what color i am ??? please help : also i order MSFN in medium dark but i'm not sure if it's going to be too dark for me or just blah on me... TIA
  3. chavezwifey

    my foundation makes my pores look huge and added with a grainy look?? HELP

    so i have notice when i apply my foundation.. ,my pores look HUGE and added with a grainy texture to my skin am i using to much foundation ... what can i do stop this?? i'm currently using loreal in golden beige ..before i was using chanel tint but it was not working for me .. i just order MAC...
  4. chavezwifey

    METAL ROCK how dark is it?

    so i'm thinking about buying metal rock from some one who's selling it but i'm thinking ... i'm going to pay a lot for it .. is it really worth it lol can anyone upload any pics of them using metal rock or swatch anything thanks! i'm tan so i'm thinking i can use it as a bronzer or use it on top...
  5. chavezwifey

    What Is The Best Mac Gold Color Ever?

    so i have bought all the gold colors that i know from MAC, i have, goldmine, jasmine, juiced gold mode, gorgeous gold and i just bought (i bought them from LJ waiting to arrive) gold dusk gold old gold... so whats the BEST gold color?
  6. chavezwifey

    how to make lipstick /lipglass last longer?

    so i have a problem it seems i put my lipstick on and like 20 minutes later is totally gone !!! i wear MAC slim shine in gaily all the time and entice lip glass over it ... do any of you think it's the combination that I'm m using?? any advice and suggestion welcome
  7. chavezwifey

    which foundation is just Amazing!!???

    so i bought MAC studio fix and this foundation broke out my face like a MADA*beep* .. i have never broke out this much ever! so i completely stopped using it ( a week ago) and my face has completely cleared! For the mean time i don't have any foundation (I'm only wearing my moisturizer and my...
  8. chavezwifey

    I'm the new girl ♥ love me he he

    hi loves just wanted to introduce myself... i am a 20 year old girl who is married and has a one year old baby girl... yes, yes, i know I'm young but i would not have it another way lol♥ love the life that i have!!! i am a MAC freak i seriously buy MAC every week I'm spending tooo much...