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  1. Veronika23

    MAC discontinued packaging from the 90's

    Anyone here familiar with really old MAC packaging? I need some help. I own some vintage MAC some with different boxes, packaging, stickers. Most of my vintage lipsticks have a silver sticker and the black cylinder tube. One I got recently has the same tube but the sticker is black and the...
  2. Veronika23

    MAC Softcore/Playlab (2016)

    Thanks! I can't wait to know more about this!!!! :)
  3. Veronika23

    MAC Heatherette Bach Codes

    Hi ladies and gents! I am new to this forum and hopefully I posted in the right place. I am trying to confirm if a MAC Heatherette Trio 1 that I bought on ebay is real. I don't have it yet since it shipped to my friend in Chicago (I'm in Canada). She says she's having a hard time...