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  1. Green Eyes

    train case recommendation?

    So I have the Sephora train case...but it is not big enough....but the MAC one is like 225 dollars and I dont wanna spend THAT any other ideas on where I can get a nice, bigger train case (bigger than the sephora and mac one) that wont break the bank? Like actual stores where I can...
  2. Green Eyes

    triple barrel help

    So I am thinking about buying a triple barrel to create that "wavy" look. 1. Does anyone have any experience with these irons? 2. Do they work? 3. How do you use them? Thanks in advance!
  3. Green Eyes

    How can I achieve this "wavy" look

    Here is a pic of Ashlee Simpson. My hair is similar in length but can I make this wavy look??? Please give advice and/or a tutorial. I love this look. It is from the July 19 V.S. Pink party. Thanks
  4. Green Eyes

    How can I achieve this "wavy" look

    Here is a pic of Ashlee Simpson. My hair is similar in length but can I make this wavy look??? Please give advice and/or a tutorial. I love this look. It is from the July 19 V.S. Pink party. Thanks
  5. Green Eyes

    great outdoor suntan lotion?

    So i am off to sunbathe for 2 weeks in hawaii and i want a good suntan lotion that will protect my skin but also get me the best possible tan....any recommendations???
  6. Green Eyes

    Are these good bronzers?

    So I went to Sephora this weekend looking for a bronzer - I am off to Hawaii for 2 weeks and want my face to match my the lady showed me these...what are your thoughts? Are these good items to purchase??? Benefit Holywood Glow Benefit Dallas Bronzer Thoughts? Suggestions about...
  7. Green Eyes

    Dry flaky sclap

    Hey there I am defiitely one to use high-end shampoos and conditioners to maintain my shiny hair. i recently switch to frederic fekkai and the shampoo has made my scalp very dry and itchy. i loved pureology (but the smell was not that great). can you recommend a shampoo that works...
  8. Green Eyes

    Phloof alternative

    I was wondering if there are any colors similar to phloof...looking for substitutes...TIA
  9. Green Eyes

    Sexy Nurse Mankeup...

    For halloween I am going as the "sexy nurse" - anyone haveany makeup ideas - i have green eyes and reddish brown hair. here is a pic of my costume
  10. Green Eyes

    MAC shopping and the rest of my bad day...

    Okay so today is just a piece of poo. It all began with me getting a flat tire. I took my car to the tire place to find out that all my tires were bald and in need of replacement - so there went $600. Then I go to MAC to purchase all the new things but due to my prior tire needs I just decide...
  11. Green Eyes

    Victoria's Secret Free fragrance

    So i got the free fragrance coupon in the mail for the body by victoria scent - and lemme tell you - it is FABULOUS - it is such a cute little purse size bottle (.25 oz.) and it is the perfect refresher little spray - I keep mine in my gym bag for after showering at the gym or just to refresh...
  12. Green Eyes

    Issey Miyake

    I absolutely love love love this perfume. I bought the summer one over summer obviously and just bought the normal one (in the blurry bottle not the clear one) -It is light and feminine but not too girly or old-lady-ish. I highly recommend it - can be purchased at Nordstom or Macy's. very...
  13. Green Eyes

    Mixing Medium

    I am considering going to the Pro store to get this - I have heard good things about it - but what exactly would I use it for and is it all that great? I could not finad any review on it...
  14. Green Eyes

    For those with BLUE/GREEN eyes...

    I dont know if this is where this would go - but Gemma Ward is my most favorite new model and her eyes are gorgeous - here are some pictures if you guys want some makeup ideas for those with blue/green eyes. Hope you like!
  15. Green Eyes

    Sunplosion Alternative

    Okay - so everyone was telling me how great Sunplosion was - except they forgot to tell me it was LE, sooooo, I need an alternative - even another brand - I dont care - but i want the closest possible thing - please help - i need this color by tomorrow! thanks loves!
  16. Green Eyes

    Orangish colors....

    I am doing hair and makeup for a 15year old girl for her Homecoming dance. She has bright blue eyes, blonde hair, and a tangerine/melon colored dress. My color thoughts for her eyes were some combination of pinkish oranges with a light highlighter (not too dramatic - she is pretty all by...
  17. Green Eyes

    Cranberry, Beauty Marked, Vellum

    Here is my FOTN for a party last night - I used Beauty Marked on the outer V, Cranberry all over the lid, and Vellum on the inner V, and as a highlighter on the brow bone. Blending is key! - and i tried my blitz and glitz fluidline. Hope you all like... Whoa that was a close up...
  18. Green Eyes

    Beauty marked

    I bought this ES and it looks so pretty in the pot. I have green eyes and I thought this color would make them stand out, but when I apply it, it comes out looking BLACK! Can anyone give me any advice to keep the purplish-shimmery-reddish tint. Woudl this work for the smokey look? PIctures...
  19. Green Eyes

    Very First FOTD

    Used (all MAC) Bare Canvas Paint - all over Shell Creme Color Base - all over Coco Pigment - crease Tan Pigment - all over lower part of lid Naked Pigment - brow bone Fairlylite Pigment - highlighter
  20. Green Eyes

    My Collection - Year 1

    I have been collecting MAC for about a is the inventory Eye Shadows: Aquadisiac Beauty Marked Club Concrete Coppering Cranberry D'Bohemia Fade Felt Blue Femme Noir Freshwater Green Smoke Haux Humid Juiced Melton Mauve Motif Nehru Orb Paradisco Parfait Armour Pink Freeze Plumage...