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  1. JessieC

    eyeshadow question

    Ladies, After re-reading the posts about using your eyeshadows wet, and the best way to do it, I got to thinking. I know that you are can disinfect your brushes, but what about the actual eyeshadows? I do all my friends makeup, a lot. And lately I have become somewhat of a germ-a-phobe. I love...
  2. JessieC

    My Barbie stuff came!!!

    Im too excited.... The mini Bag All the shadows Fashion Pack and Malibu Barbie Lipglass Fab Blush I am really hoping when i go the mall tomorrow that they still have the other blush and the beauty powders, but seriously what are the chances. I am also desperate for the tote....gaaaaa
  3. JessieC


    So I searched everywhere and couldn't find an answer. By all means, move, delete, whatever you need to... Can anyone give me some tips on putting false lashes on my lower lash line? I do good with the upper lashes; I have been putting those on for years. But I need some tips for the lower ones...
  4. JessieC

    MAC sooo bad

    So, I was extremely patient through all of October and November, and most of December, then Danse hit and all sanity was lost. And then today, I was only going to go in to buy ONE of the new quads, but self control and MAC cannot be said in the same sentence. Or for that matter, self control and...
  5. JessieC

    I finally took the time (pics)

    I finally took the time, got my ass inn gear, and took pictures of my collection. I really should have waited till I got Lure, but w/e....we all know what they look like... (P.S. I am too lazy to list the names. So if there is a colore you are interested in, just ask and you shall recieve.)...
  6. JessieC

    Random Pro outing

    So I went into San Francisco with my best friend today on a whim and randomly ended up at the Pro store on Union. Well, lets just say I got a little carried away: Mac Pro backpack: amazing storage possibilities...they have pouches that are specifically designed for 15 pan pallettes, that are...
  7. JessieC

    Pigments Period

    Hey guys... Here is one for all of you who just adore pigments. I have yet to fully appreciate the pigments. I have 2, deckchair and melon. Here is my question: What is so great about pigments? Have I just not found the right colors yet? What does everyone use them for. Part of me feels like...
  8. JessieC

    Goldbit from Belle Azure

    Hey guys, The way most of us are about Parrot, I am about Goldbit. I CANNOT stop using it. Any suggestions for something similar or should I just wait and see if something like it comes out? Thanks!
  9. JessieC

    I know I am about 50 posts in but...

    I never actually introduced myself... Hey everyone. Im Jessica, or Jessie, and i just wanted to let everyone know how amazing they are. This site is so fabulous, I cannot believe I have found people who are just as crazy about make up as I am. I really look forward to meeting you all and...