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  1. Haven

    MAC Electric Wonder Collection (June 6, 2019)

    My order also shipped! Should arrive by Wednesday. I added the large brush to my order right before placing it.:D I wonder if they will restock it for the general release later this week.:confused:
  2. Haven

    MAC Electric Wonder Collection (June 6, 2019)

    I ended up ordering as well. Probably a lot more products than necessary. This is the first MAC collection that has piqued my interest in a long time. Plus the FOMO angst coupled with a couple of cocktails loosened my purse strings LOL. :reddance:
  3. Haven

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    I swatched quiver and ua. Quiver is on the left and ua is on the right. Quiver is darker than universal appeal, but I really like both on. Hopefully this helps.
  4. Haven

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    Close up pic from my sa. Yes I want it.
  5. Haven

    Cle de Peau

    Quick and dirty swatch comparison pic. From L to R: Bamboo, TF blush nude, and CL just nothing. ETA: heavy swatch of bamboo
  6. Haven

    Kylie Cosmetics

    Wrist band that people got when near front of line. Not allowed in store without wristband.
  7. Haven

    Kylie Cosmetics

  8. Haven

    Kylie Cosmetics

  9. Haven

    Kylie Cosmetics

  10. Haven

    Kylie Cosmetics

    Some photos of my new palette! The last photo is a comparison pic to a MAC palette that I made using some perm shades - just playing around. Haven't swatched/used the Kylie palette to compare to the MAC.
  11. Haven

    Tracking on new MAC site?

    I made a couple of orders recently using the new website and cannot track my orders. I called CS, and they said it was my fault. Basically saying that they can see tracking from their end, so I must be making a mistake. The tracking button in the emails that they sent do not work either. Has...
  12. Haven

    Stupid Maybelline Ad that Takes Up 1/2 the Screen?

    I don't really know where to post this, so I apologize in advance. Am I the only one who has an obnoxious ad for Maybelline popping up on both sides of my computer screen? Very irritating to say the least. Plus I cannot figure out how to get it to disappear. If anyone has the same problem...
  13. Haven

    Special Chanel products featured during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale 2013?

    I read that Chanel will only be offering a brush set for the 2013 Nordstrom Anniversary sale and that no special cosmetics or skin care will be offered. Has anyone heard/read otherwise? Complete letdown if this is true. ETA: I just read that there will be bath gels as well.
  14. Haven

    New Naked Basics Palette,default,pd.html This is the new naked matte palette from Urban Decay. I couldn't resist ordering it. Naked + Matte = Love I hope that it is as amazing as the other Naked palettes! Thoughts?
  15. Haven

    Favorite Non-MAC Beauty Buys for 2012?

    Let me start by openly admitting that I stole this idea from several threads in the MAC forums asking about favorite MAC products of the year, worst MAC products of the year, etc... I am a MAC fan, but lately I have been buying a lot more from other brands than from MAC. So I was...
  16. Haven

    Sephora VIB Sale November 2012?

    I was just wondering if the rumored Sephora VIB Sale this month is actually going to happen. Also has anyone heard any definate dates for this sale? I am still miffed about the secretive F & F sale last month, but I may still buy something during the VIB sale if the discount is decent...
  17. Haven

    Chanel Holiday 2012 - Eclats du Soir de Chanel

    Here is some info on the Chanel Holiday 2012 Collection. Sorry for the pic quality. Took these with my IPhone - very quickly .
  18. Haven

    Urban Decay Smoked Palette

    Urban Decay is releasing a new eyeshadow palette apparently this month. Here is a link to Karen's review/preview on it. I am on the fence about getting this b/c only 5 of the shadows are new. I already have the other 5 plus the pencil. Thoughts...
  19. Haven

    Nordstroms one day buy 2 get 1 free mascara event today - stock up on the chanel while you can

    Nordstroms one day buy 2 get 1 free mascara event today - stock up on the chanel while you can Just FYI. I always try to stock up on my Chanel mascara on this day since it is buy 2 get one free. Trying to save a little money if I can... Make sure to enter promo code "Chanel" to get...