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  1. lovemetodeath

    what other e/s do i need

    here is my list so far and i can buy about 3/4 new ones. I'm already planning on getting shroom as i don't have this yet, so far i have malt vex satin taupe club gentle fume black tied white tie valet woodwinked limo sable wrap embark gorgeous gold mulch sumptious olive naked lunch parfait...
  2. lovemetodeath

    I don't know what to buy

    i have a major amount of stuff saved for later and i cannot afford it all. so do i go for the staples like my new 187, blush, basic everyday e/s or do i stuff it and go for the pretty chill stuff and manage without the basics until i can afford them again as they will always be available?
  3. lovemetodeath

    blush recommendations please

    I'm about to buy my first MAC blush. I'm probably not going to do it with my online order as i am very funny with blush and don't want to make a mistake. I am a nc15/20, with blue eyes and light brown hair. I don't tend to wear very much blush at all as i very easily look like a clown. MSF in...
  4. lovemetodeath

    Does this 187 look genuine?

    I have received this in a swap and it is brand new, however i found out that this person who swapped with me obtained this brush from overseas via ebay (she is based in the US, so i can only presume europe or asia). It didn't come to me in it's orginal packaging and it looks fine but compared to...
  5. lovemetodeath

    rec me an e/s base, paints are too drying

    not sure wether i should try shadesticks, CCB or prep and prime eye? Thanks
  6. lovemetodeath

    Hauling again!!!!

    I have just bought the following select sheer pressed in NW5 188 smoked eyes entremauve pigment subtle pigment my collection is growing but i still want so much more
  7. lovemetodeath

    Am I too old?

    I am 31 and currently i work as a nurse but i really want to do something i really love ie. MU. I'm not necessarily talking about getting a job with MAC as i know i am now too old and hagged to do that kind of thing but i would just like to do SOMETHING. (don't get me wrong i would love to...
  8. lovemetodeath

    are these genuine pigments

    I already have some samples from her and they do look very much like pictures i've seen of genuine ones, but I don't have any other pigments to comapre them too. 11866QQcmdZViewItem...
  9. lovemetodeath

    What holiday pallettes should i get?

    I can get 2 and am definalty getting the smoky eyes one, and was thinking of getting the warm eyes too but not sure if I already have enough similar colors. The e/s i already have are woodwinked (but this is a staple for me so don't mind having another one) cranberry expensive pink well plumed...
  10. lovemetodeath

    another haul

    after already spending £140 online last week, i have just been and bought studio fix fluid in nc15 foundation pump prep + prime skin i'm officially on a no-buy until after xmas now
  11. lovemetodeath

    anyone ordered from the MAC UK site

    I placed an order this morning and selected next day delivery, but it's still showing as processing. Does the tracking system actually show true, because according to the TandC's it says within 3 hours it should go to 'in warehouse' staus and mine hasn't. I guess i will know tomorrow if it...
  12. lovemetodeath

    Pigment sample haul

    Have got myself a set of 20 piggie samples today and i got 2 free ones thrown in. These are my first pigments so I'm actually still in shock at how gorgeous they are, although I'm not sure how often i will wear some of the shades. Glad i just got samples though, these will last me forever...
  13. lovemetodeath

    need 2 more e/s to go with untamed quads

    well i've decided i cannot resist the untamed quads so I'm going to get them and I'd like 2 more e/s that i can use with them to make different looks. I'd like neutrals rather than brights. So far I've come up with mulch, satin taupe, sumptious olive, amber lights and woodwinked but I'm not sure...
  14. lovemetodeath

    recommend me some MAC essential e/s

    I am looking for about 4 to 6 basic eyeshadows for daily use. So far i have only come up with satin taupe, shroom and mulch. I really only want browns and neutrals i think so i can use them daily, as i already have mythology and steamy and am getting 20 piggie samples in all colors so i can use...
  15. lovemetodeath

    What MAC should i get??

    I'm planning a big haul next month and still unsure what to get. I will have about 100 GBP to spend I know for definate i am getting bare canvas paint and glitz and blitz fluidline, but everything else I'm unsure about. Common sense tells me to get foundation, powder, concealer etc. but my...
  16. lovemetodeath

    foundation recommendations please

    HI I'm up for a big MAC haul next month and am intending to get a new foundation, concealer and maybe a powder too. At the moment i have the select tint which is great for non-make up school run days, and i also have the select spf 15 which is fine on my skin and looks okay but it's a little...
  17. lovemetodeath

    Hi from Scotland

    Have just found Specktra and am loving it. I'm Suzanne, 31 yrs old and am married with 2 children. I work as a staff nurse although it's only agency type work nowadays. I discovered MAC a few months ago and have fallen in love. So far I only have select tint and select foundation, and 2...
  18. lovemetodeath

    holiday brush sets in the UK?

    I've seen the brush sets on the holiday thread and I'm wondering wther they will be availble in the UK. I'm wanting to get a 190 or a 187 brush and notice on of the sets has both of them in so i'm thinking i might just be better waiting and getting one of those