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    This is hard to share but I wondered if anyone else had similar experiences. I finished school 6 years ago but my experiences with bullying still affect me now. I went to 4 different schools and had bad experiences at each. Every time I changed schools I thought things would get better but would...
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    Wound/cut (it's okay, it's just makeup!) ;-)

    I just did this for an assignment (theatrical makeup). Does it look real (-ish)? I hope this is the right place to post this- I didn't think there was an AOTD (arm of the day) thread.... haha Lemme know if you want to know how to do it :-)
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    MAC Adelaide Assistant Manager job

    Hi, for anyone not signed up to the EL job alert: Estee Lauder Careers - Job Details Remember me if you get the job Unfortunately i don't have any managing experience.
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    Help With An Assignment Please?

    I have an assignment for my makeup course am I'm a bit stuck. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? 1. DESCRIBE THE MAKE-UP TRENDS FOR THIS SEASON FOR: • Eyes • Foundation • Lips • The current “look” Thanks so much!
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    Interview Tips (for all companies)

    What tips do you all have for interviews for positions at beauty counter (any/all companies)? Mine are: -Visit the official website and/or do a google search and learn about the history of the brand, the target demographic, their best seller etc. Memorise their slogan. -Make sure the makeup...
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    Scary Clown eBay Auction

    This truly made my day. This is brilliant. A man got laid off and decided to find a creative way to feed his family. He auctioned off his scary clown services- following someone around for 3 days scaring them, basically. The winning bid (of 42!) was $355. Unfortunately, since I posted this...
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    Hair Consultation Assignment

    Hi, I have an assignment for the beauty course I am doing. I have to give hair advice (for which length, style and colour) to a few women. If anyone wants some advice, please provide me with a photo (in which I can clearly see your face shape) and tell me a bit about yourself: Age (if...
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    How much should I charge for a makeup lesson?

    A new friend's girlfriend (I haven't met her) wants me to teach her how to do her own makeup. She's not sure what colours would suit her, how to apply it properly etc. She is happy to pay but doesn't know how much to offer and wants me to set a price. I am still a student (I will finish my...
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    How do you "Drive Business" at your beauty counter?

    When sales are slow, how do you bring the customers in? (Apparently I need to know this already if I want to get a job. I thought it would also be a helpful thread for those already working in cosmetics sales.)
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    Makeup Artist Job Interview- Advice please? :D

    I just got off the phone, and I have a job interview in 2 days time with a photographic studio! I'm still studying (Elite Pro) and haven't done any paid jobs yet. I'm not sure how to present myself for an interview for this kind of job. This is a face-to-face interview before I am required to...
  11. metal_romantic

    A google game!

    Let's get to know each other better and play a game! Go to the google search and search for: "(Your Name) looks like" (eg. for me it's "Megan looks like" and don't forget the quotation marks!) and so on... you'll get the drift. Please copy the first result that makes sense. If you get no...
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    Shu Uemura Brushes

    So far I only have the 18R powder brush (red goat hair) and it's lovely. I would like to buy more. Does anyone have any recommendations or would anybody just like to add their thoughts? Thanks
  13. metal_romantic

    Hello from Australian "Metal Romantic"

    Hi, I joined here just a little while ago, so you may have seen me posting here and there in the forums. I'm already addicted to this site! I'm so impressed with everyone's talent and the the friendly atmosphere here. I'm from Adelaide, Australia. I'm 22. I'm currently studying to be a Makeup...
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    Cold Canvassing

    If you want to work for cosmetics retail, such as M.A.C or any other brand, is it worthwhile to introduce yourself and hand in a resume when there are no positions advertised, or should you just apply when there is a vacancy advertised? I'm in Australia.
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    Masquerade (AU)

    Hi, I was wondering whether anyone else has used Masquerade products (Australian brand). They make theatrical and special effects makeup as well as "normal" makeup. Can anyone give me any recommendations? I've used some of the theatrical makeup but was thinking of buying some eyeshadow palettes...