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  1. sass000

    My I went to 2 CCOs this weekend Haul

    I went to the Tinton Falls, NJ CCO and got some goodies: Eyeshadow in Sumptous olive Electroflash duos in Love connection, Fresh green mix and Two to glow MSF in Warmed Pigments in Your ladyship and Jardin aires Fluidline in Shade and then the next day I went to the Tannersville, PA CCO and...
  2. sass000

    Philadelphia Outlets (Pottstown/Limerick) PA

    I looked on and it states that there is a CCO @ the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Pottstown but I don't see a thread for it here. Has anyone gone to this CCO? I am planning a trip out there in about a week or so and would like to know if it's worth the 2 hour trip... thanks..
  3. sass000

    My I really need to stop buying CCO haul

    So this past Sunday I went to a local CCO. Here is my MAC haul: Heirlooms Collection (5 Eye Brushes) Brush Roll Microfine Refinisher Charged Water (Youth Aura) Royal Assets: 6 Metallic Eyes Cream Colour Base in Hush Cream Colour Base in Fawntastic MSF in Lightscapade Lustre Lipstick in...
  4. sass000

    CCO Haul

    About a week and a half ago I went to a local CCO and here's my MAC haul : Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Afterdusk Viva Glamorous Lip Tin in 3 Cool Lips (l/s viva glam II, l/s viva glam IV and l/g viva glam VI) Tendernote in Softnote BrowFinisher in Clear BrowFinisher in Brunette Cream Colour...
  5. sass000

    Last week's mini hauls (Mac, Sephora, etc)

    Last weekend I went to: Sephora - purchased the Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush Mac Store - purchased vanilla e/s, sweet lush e/s and 4N lipstick Fragrance Outlet - purchased NYX lipsticks in baby & b52 also n/p in lingerie
  6. sass000

    N Collection discontinued???

    I went to a Mac store today to inquire about 2 N Collections items and the girl said that it had been a limited edition product and they didn't have any more. Can anyone tell me approximately how long LE sell for? Didn't this just come out in January, so it's barely been two months? I am...
  7. sass000

    03/22 CCO Haul

    So this past Saturday I went to a CCO by me, here is what I purchased: Brushes: #227 #188 Eyeshadows: Fertile Dazzlelight Rose blanc Pigments: Viz-a-violet Provence Pastorale Copperclast Lipgelees: Lil' sizzler Amber rousse Tendertones: Hush-hush Take a hint Shadestick: Beige-ing...
  8. sass000

    My very small CCO Haul

    I went to the Tannersville, PA CCO on 03/21 and purchased a few MAC items, I would have purchased more but this particular CCO has a 75 dollar MAC limit (I put the full story about the limit in the CCO thread). I bought, 2 fluidlines (macroviolet and Jadeeye, fluerry blush and a 224 brush.
  9. sass000

    Upgrade question

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this... but here is my question. I was thinking of possibly upgrading my membership and I understand all the options except the last one. The 100 dollar membership is it a lifetime membership or a 100 month membership? I see when you go to upgrade...
  10. sass000

    My 2/23 Mac Haul

    So I went to the CCO in Tannersville, PA this past weekend. Here's what I purchased: Strobe Cream MSF in Glissade Pigment in Apricot Peach Fluidline in New Weed Eyeshadow in Satellite Dreams Eyeshadow in Light Ray Lipglass in Collection '06 Lipstick in Retrodaze See thru lip Colour in Lovin'...
  11. sass000

    My itty bitty ebay haul

    So today I got in some stuff I had bought off of ebay-here's what I got: Mac Pigment in Sweet Sienna Mac Pigment in Cocomotion Mac Lipstick in Overrich (love this color)
  12. sass000

    This is my friend call to ask if I wanted to go to CCO Haul

    So, this morning a friend of mine called me to ask if I wanted to go to a CCO, OF COURSE I'm not going to say no... so here's what I got: MAC Fluidline in Nightfish Eyeshadow in Pink Source Brush # 209 Slimshine in Scant Lipglass in Coral Grade Lipstick in Poppy Hop Lipstick in Coral...
  13. sass000

    Today's MAC haul at CCO

    I decided to take my first trip to a CCO (I found out their is one about 55 minutes from me). So here's what I got: Patternmaker Basic Brush Set Rectangle Black Mac Bag by Matt Murphy Dress Set (4 Shadesticks) (Shimmersand, Lucky Jade, Silverbleu & Royal Hue) NightLight Pigment Tectonic Eye...
  14. sass000

    My semi-large ELF haul and small MAC haul

    So yesterday I received two packages at work. I placed two orders 2-3 days ago (1 w/MAC & 1 w/ELF). The MAC haul consisted of: 1 LipGelee in Lil' Sizzler 1 Heirlooms Face Brush Set The ELF haul consisted of: 2 Eyeshadow brushes 2 Compacts 2 Brightening Eye Color Quads (Ivy & Silver...
  15. sass000

    Hi everybody

    Hi, greetings from New Jersey. I have always liked makeup but have recently become more interested in it especially the application of eye products. I hope to learn lots as well as sharing what I can.