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  1. Kathytoo

    Added Lipsticks, blush, more pics, palette. :)

    Hi....Just a quick note to say I didn't bail from here. Lol. When the format changed, I couldn't get back in here, and couldn't seem to find help. Dawn has taken care of it. Thank you so much Dawn. I have some other premade 15 pan palettes to list and some other MAC items. They are all...
  2. Kathytoo

    Added Lipsticks, blush, more pics, palette. :)

    My apologies. I couldn't get back in here when the format of Specktra changed. It is still available.
  3. Kathytoo

    Added Lipsticks, blush, more pics, palette. :)

    I have decided to sell off my entire collection. I have fb under redwings57 on ebay, have sold here, and was ladymc on makeupalley. Please bear with me as I try to get it all listed. Shipping to the US only at this time. Price does not include shipping. I will hold for 24 hrs MAC 15...
  4. Kathytoo

    Anybody want a Style blush to validate &

    Hey all....I have a Style blush that I sold, and had it returned because it "looked fake". The font was different. So, I refunded and had them send it back. I matched the lid to 7, yes 7 of my other blushes, and the font matches perfectly. If someone wants it, and will validate it's...
  5. Kathytoo

    I can't send pm's..........

    I don't know where to post this. I can't pm for help because they have not gone through for the last couple hours. When I try to pm I get an error message that says: This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between sending private messages. Please try again in 25484 seconds. When i try...
  6. Kathytoo

    Any sub recs for Contrast....

    Blue Storm pigment or Overnight from the Shademates palette? I don't have Contrast but from the descriptions I've read, Deep Truth (don't have) is a good sub. Anybody....Bueller? Thought I'd try one more time. TIA!!