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  1. rosquared

    bday pictures!!!

    me and my new bf.. i'm so happy with him!! rest of album!!
  2. rosquared

    my grad pics!

    i had them turn the first one into the 8x10 that i'm giving my mom. which one should i get the wallets in? i think my general overall "look" in all of them are equally not-so-hot but i'm pretty proud of my makeup and hair.. lol.
  3. rosquared

    graduation pictures - recs?

    i'm a c40 and i was thinking of using patina and mulch w/ some falsies and blacktrack f/l.... this is my typical work day hg e/s combo... well, minus the falsies.. should i go a bit darker for the pics? if so, what colors? oh, and recs for blush and l/s? thanks for the help!!
  4. rosquared


    eyelashes, i mean. how often do u wear them?
  5. rosquared

    i just ordered from the cshock collection!!

    l/s pomposity vivacious out to shock blast o' blue overrich e/s bang on blue passionate romping big t eyepopping l/g lil sizzler i hope it all works decently w/ my c4 skintone!
  6. rosquared

    new weed f/l

    i NEED eyeliner. i really do. my eyes need the definition that is usually supplied by blacktrack fluidline. i just got new weed from my cco and unfortunately, it does not provide any definition since it is too close to my skintone - lol no i'm not green - it's just that my skintone is almost...
  7. rosquared

    1st date fotd

    just wanted to share.. i took these while waiting to get picked up for my first date with a really cute boy. it was a few weeks ago and we're still dating. eyes: juxt greensmoke sumptuous olive velvet moss cheeks: apricot totty (pout) lips: gel l/s hover l/l ^^(ELVIS!!)^^
  8. rosquared

    hothouse + pandemonium (LOTS of pics - beware!)

    sorry ladies.. i went crazy with the camera! i got hothouse not knowing if it would be too bright. i wore it out for the first time and i was super paranoid about it. i'm normally a mlbb type of girl. also, i got the idea for color placement w/ the pandemonium quad from mzreyes. it...
  9. rosquared


    i need to stop being insecure. it ruins all my relationships and i know it. therapy? i need to find a good therapist because so far i'm still where i was at 10 yrs ago when i started dating. dangit.
  10. rosquared

    still looking for the perfect red.

    any recs? i'm a c4/c40 and i have small-ish lips. they're not THIN really.. just.. small? lol. i don't normally like drawing too much attention to them cuz they're kinda weird, but i really want to try a red lip but so far all the ones i've tried don't look so hot on me.
  11. rosquared

    friends w/ exes?

    what do you think? possible? would you want to be in a relationship w/ someone who is friends with their ex? would you understand if your current s.o. didn't appreciate the fact that you are friends w/ an ex? i want all and any perspectives on this... i think there are so many different...
  12. rosquared

    swap/shipping question

    how much extra is shipping to canada, typically? i'm in california. thx!
  13. rosquared

    b2m coming up! need help..

    i'm trying to decide between blankety and kinda sexy. i'm a c4/c40 and nudes normally wash me out. i have gel and vgv and those are nice nudes on me, but i NEED to use hover lip liner w/ gel. i would like a l/s that i don't need to always use lip liner with.
  14. rosquared

    shimpagne's lasting power?

    i recently got my hands on one and whenever i put it on in the morning, the glow has disappeared and apparently the shimmers fall off my skin in a couple hours! is this normal?
  15. rosquared

    fertile sushi?

    i LOVE pink and purple! i'm using fertile instead of nocturnelle which is my staple dark purple. i'm loving it!! lol i just realized i posted A LOT of pics. sorry! eyes: fertile sushi jest shroom blacktrack f/l face: msf natural med dark pout's berry babe blush lips: bombshell l/s...
  16. rosquared

    breaking up is hard to do

    how do you rebuild your life after a breakup that you *really* thought was gonna last forever. and how do you stop thinking about him off having fun and living life perfectly fine without you? it's heartbreaking to feel un-needed. i don't want to deal with this for too long - the world isn't...
  17. rosquared

    for a non-mua..

    i have a heck of a lot of makeup. i feel almost silly having such a huge amount knowing that i don't use it on anyone else but myself.
  18. rosquared

    yay for green!

    i did a green eye today and i couldn't decide which ones to use so i somehow got them all in there. lol. (except for juxt.. i forgot that i even had it! ::sad: //eyes gorgeous gold sumptuous olive humid greensmoke velvet moss nylon blacktrack f/l //cheeks apricot totty //lips festivity
  19. rosquared

    fake 224? i bought that about a month ago and i'm just realizing it might be fake!! what do you think?
  20. rosquared

    pigment sample jars

    where do you get the empty jars and what size do you get?