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  1. spectrolite

    Yet Another VV Mega Haul >_<

    My VV goodies arrived today. Here is what I got! Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass Wicked Ways Lipglass Strange Potion Lipglass Violetta Lipstick Dark Deed Lipstick Heartless Lipstick My Dark Magic Mineralize Shadow She Who Dares Mineralize Shadow Briar Rose Beauty Powder Her Own Devices Beauty...
  2. spectrolite

    Aussie Girls - What are you lemming?

    Hello my favorite ladies. I thought it might be fun to start a new thread about what things we are currently lusting after. It doesn't matter what it is, if you want it then I wanna hear about it! LOL, I really miss our nail thread actually so I might start this off with some nail polish...
  3. spectrolite

    Flower Pornography ;)

    Hi people! Today I went to the Botanical Gardens here in Melbourne to get a look at the Camellia's and other spring flowers before they vanished for another year. I took my camera along so I thought I'd share some of my favorite shots. You can click on the thumbnails to make the pictures larger...
  4. spectrolite

    Mehron Swatches

  5. spectrolite

    Red Tuesday

    Red She Said and the rest of the holiday collections arrived in Australia today >_< And being the eager little bunny I am I hopped down to the nearest department store to stock up on some goodies at the preview party. I didn't get as much as I could have because I had a headache but I will...
  6. spectrolite

    2008 Presidential Election - Dance Off.

    Okay the election threads here have been really intense and angry. In order to lighten to mood may I present some election humor for your viewing pleasure. I await the heated debate on who is actually the better dancer. Can we please keep personal attacks to a minimum this time guys? YouTube -...
  7. spectrolite

    Consolation Haul...>_<

    Well if you have been reading the Manish Arora thread (*cry*), you may have skimmed over my rant about how annoying it was to miss out etc... I was seriously upset lol. But I'm over it now and that is partly because I got some new goodies in the mail to play with!! I've been watching Jude...
  8. spectrolite

    A Delicious Cult of Cherry Haul with Extra Toppings

    Once again I put aside any thoughts of moderation or self-control and ordered myself some yummy cherry goodness from across the ocean. I have quite the sweet tooth hehe. Here is what I got... for now. I plan on getting the Spiced Chocolate Quad, all of the Mattenes and Plum du Bois blush when...
  9. spectrolite

    Birthday Haul >_<

    It was my birthday on Saturday and I got some goodies from MAC as well as some non-mac items. I wish it was my birthday every weekend >_< MAC + others: Lovething Gently Merrily Ablaze blush from Smoke Signals collection - gorgeous! Fresh Green Mix Hot Contrast Odd Couple Sea and Sky Cleanse...
  10. spectrolite

    A little shopping spree n_n

    These are my recent goodies. Some of them are old news for you lovelies living outside of Australia but Cool Heat hasn't even been released here yet. I'm loving all of the pretty colours so much! The McQueen stuff I got super cheap from an online discount store. Volcanic Ash Exfoliator x 2...
  11. spectrolite

    My newest additions >_<

    Hello everyone! This morning my Naughty Nauticals + Dazzleglass goodies arrived at my door which was the perfect start to my day. After putting on a quick face using some of the colours from the collection, I took a short trip into town to purchase a new skirt and take advantage of MAC's B2M...
  12. spectrolite

    Shoes + MAC = Love

    Hi Hi >_< I've been trying to be good and I haven't been hauling since Fafi which I think is an outstanding effort. To reward myself for good behavior I decided to get some new shoes. I actually really *needed* them as most of my shoes are falling apart on me. No day of shopping is complete...
  13. spectrolite

    Hauling Confessions of a Macoholic

    This week I purchased a few of the Beauty Powder blushes, got a lil somethin from Lush, Got my Barbie Fab blush in the mail from ebay AND today my parcel arrived from the States with a bunch of goodies inside. I just can't stop looking at it all lol!! The Haul: - Perky pp - Rollickin' pp -...
  14. spectrolite

    What will they think of next?

    There are plenty of crazy gadgets, toys, foods etc... being marketed to us. I thought we could all share some of our favorites Hawaii Chair
  15. spectrolite

    A Shameless Collection - *Updated*

    Updated for 2009 woohoo! This is most of my collection that I started around September 2006. I still think it's not that much makeup haha.. I think I'm kidding myself! I forgot a few things but that's okay there is still plenty to look at Hope you enjoy, it nearly killed me lol... it is so hot...
  16. spectrolite

    Promotion Haul!! >_<

    I got a promotion and I get a week off to relax before I start my new position. To celebrate I did what every MAC loving girl occasionally does... some haulin' I got: - Daisy Chain e/s - Parrot e/s - Tilt e/s - Shimmermoss e/s - Clue e/s - Humid e/s - Parfait Amour e/s - Beautiful Iris e/s -...
  17. spectrolite


    I just came from a screening and it was freakin' awesome!! I'm going to see it again this weekend with some friends. Anyone else excited about this movie?
  18. spectrolite

    My "Where is the MAC?", Haul

    I hope everyone had a great holiday and got some lovely presents. Today was Boxing Day so I went out to pick up some items from The Originals which was meant to come out. After pushing my way through hordes of crazy bargain hunters I finally made it to the MAC counter. List in hand, I approached...
  19. spectrolite

    It's Too Hot to Stay Home Haul w/pics!

    It was really hot today here in Sunny Melbourne and my flat is lacking air conditioning...Soooo I did a little shopping to get a break from the heat. Here is what I picked up: - M'ilady e/s - Silversmith e/s - Family Silver e/s - Freshwater e/s - Clarity e/s - I love this colour so much! -...
  20. spectrolite

    My new brushes!! >_<

    Hey Hey girls n boys! I've been searching for a nice set of brushes that wouldn't cost me too much for ages and after reading some great reviews on Make Up Alley for A-Squirrel brushes, I took a chance and ordered some from their website. They arrived only a week later and I am pretty happy...