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  1. csuthetaphi

    Any MUA in NE Ohio to give me some help?

    Hello! I am looking to learn to be a MUA in the Cleveland area. I can't find any classes since makeup isn't a very big industry out here. Are there any artists out there willing to give some advice/instruction? I'm not even sure if this is an appropriate request, but I would love and appreciate...
  2. csuthetaphi

    Invisalign Braces

    I have been interested in these, but I don't know anyone who has ever used them. I am wondering how they compare to regular braces. I am almost 30, so I am kind of scared to get metal braces at this stage in my life, but I desperately want my teeth straightened. Has anyone had any experiences...
  3. csuthetaphi

    Searching for cute jackets/coats

    I have been searching for months to find the cutest winter coat. Its pretty cold here in Ohio, but everywhere I look all I can find are the typical black/tan/navy wool coats or puffy coats. I want something colorful and different (yellow, orange, purple), maybe a wool blend. Right now I have a...
  4. csuthetaphi

    MAC Glitter

    I have some MAC glitter, but I'm not sure what to do with it! I know its not technically "eyesafe", so does anyone have any suggestions on how they use it? Thanks!
  5. csuthetaphi

    Gone but not forgotten

    *sigh* I am so disappointed! I am dying to get some DC pigments (Maroon, White, Blue, Silver) so I called the Customer Serivce number. I was told those were all DC'd in April 2004, so they cannot search for them. The woman told me that the products have a 2 year shelf life, so anything DC'd more...
  6. csuthetaphi

    Fall/Winter lip colors

    I have enough pots for two B2M l/s. I need a Fall/Winter color, and something work appropriate (even though I love Wild About You, my boss probably wouldn't like it!) I tend to like the Amplified Creams and Frosts the best, but I am open to any formula! I am warm toned, with olive skin and dark...
  7. csuthetaphi

    Bright and Bronzey

    First FOTD! I am scared!! I finally did something worthy for everyone to see (I think!). Eyes: Bare canvas paint as wash Delphic Fluidline on lids Clear Sky Blue on lids Tan pigment in inner crease Chocolate Brown pigment in outer crease Vanilla pigment to highlight Bronze Glitz eyeliner...
  8. csuthetaphi

    Facial waxing

    I did a search in the forum, and couldn't really find anything, so sorry if this topic is redundant. Does anyone do at home facial waxing? I wax my eyebrows, upper lip, and sometimes chin. The problem is, I usually break out about 2 days afterward. This is especially bad for my upper lip, not...
  9. csuthetaphi

    Metallic Fluidlines

    I just got Brassy and Silverstroke fluidlines Can anyone help me with some ideas? Lately I have been using my other colors as a base for e/s. I was thinking about using Silverstroke and Brassy as a base, but I need ideas on what colors to go with them. I have about 100 MAC e/s, so I am up for...
  10. csuthetaphi

    Upcoming collections

    I was thinking we should have a calendar of dates for the upcoming collections. I think it would be an easy and quick reference. I am always searching through the threads for upcoming dates! Just a thought!
  11. csuthetaphi

    L'Oreal OTL Powder

    I was organizing my stash, and I came across several of these "On the Loose" powder e/s. I am debating selling/swapping them, but I am not sure what these are worth. Any advice?
  12. csuthetaphi

    MAC corporate/R&D question

    Mods: I'm not sure which thread to put this in, so feel free to move it wherever. I was wondering if anyone who works for MAC Corporate and could help me with this. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering, and I have always wanted to be a cosmetics chemist, but am not sure where to start...
  13. csuthetaphi

    MAC Customer Service question

    About 2 weeks ago, I had a pretty bad customer service experience at a local MAC counter. Normally, I never get too upset about getting bad service anywhere, but because I spend so much money on MAC, and I frequent this counter, I decided to write to their customer service site. I sent a very...
  14. csuthetaphi

    Greetings and Cheers!

    Happy to be a new member here, I found out about this through make-up alley, my other favorite site. I am in Cleveland, OH, recently graduated from college, and recently married. I hope to learn many new things and be inspired here!