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  1. NYCBeautyJunkie

    Melt Cosmetics GEMINI Palette

    ​S O L D With box and plastic insert; lightly swatched 1x. Wanted to try different colors for once but it’s just not for me. Selling for $48; price includes shipping.
  2. NYCBeautyJunkie

    (HAA): Highlighter Addicts Anonymous

    Messy and bad lighting but Sunset Glow (the pink one) is my new favorite!! Sunset Glow, Telluride Glow Sunset, Telluride, Cover FX Candlelight Drops
  3. NYCBeautyJunkie

    Bobbi Brown Discussion & Must-haves

    Purchased Sunset and Telluride-- Sunset has given me life!! Definitely one of my new favorite highlighters: Sunset, Telluride, Cover FX Candlelight
  4. NYCBeautyJunkie

    All Things Beautylish

    I took these impromptu swatch pics for another forum but I just wanted to throw them in here (my skin is dry after bathing the dog in these pictures, so pardon me please!) The first picture is of the All Over Glow Powder (Dark), Cream Glow (03) and 5 Shadow palette (#13). Colors are more...