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  1. starlaj


    I have just bought my first pair of full coloured lashes, very pretty pastel rainbow ones, and now i am perplexed as how to blend my own lashes with these beauties? I have seen there is black blending mascara, but that defeats the object as my own lashes are quite black. any thoughts ladies and...
  2. starlaj

    does anyone know a good place to have false eyelashes made or can make them themselves?

    does anyone know a good place to have false eyelashes made or can make them themselves? Hi,I am looking for someone to make me a few pairs of different style eyelashes for my own use, either a company who can make 10-20 pairs of each or someone here maybe who can make 1-3 pairs of each. These...
  3. starlaj

    Need a red lipstick with a metallic sheen like eyshadow

    Hi ladies and gents. Ok so I had this red lipstick once upon a time which had a very specific velvet / metallic finish to it,which,the only way I can describe it is it looked almost like you were wearing a red shimmery eyeshadow on your lips. This is what i want to try and track...
  4. starlaj

    Why am i having such bad luck with MAC gloss?

    Hi ladies I have purchased a few lipglosses from MAC now, and every time I end up with bleeding and smudgy lips. Some are great for short term effect eg. photo shoots, but im looking for something that can last at least a 2 hour shoot, and i can wear to shows.I have tried on top of...
  5. starlaj

    pale pale foundation like the queen in True Blood ??

    Hey ya'll, Im REALLY interested to know if anyone can reccomend the make or what they think it could be, that Evan Rachel Wood- Vampire queen, wears in True Blood, her skin is perfect porceline and i love it !! I am very pale, I have used MAC NC15 in most of their foundations and aromaleigh, at...
  6. starlaj

    Rimmel lipstick from 10 years ago????

    Does anyone remember this lipstick? what its name was or the collection it was from?It was bought in a seasonal christmas collection,where i can find anything like it? It was a velvet red and i mean like a matte velvet texture but creamy,ive not found anything like it since and would love to...
  7. starlaj

    true blue reds,need a new one!!

    Hi gals!! My signature lipstick is Russian red ,but recently i have noticed in some lights its looking a bit pink,and so im now on the search for another preferably matte red lipstick in a true blue red,so please suggest away to me,im ready to go shopping!! xoxo
  8. starlaj

    Best brow color for a strawberry blonde color

    Hey guys, I have decided to get some false eyebrows as I am soon to be dressing up as disney princess Giselle from Enchanted,as I have the wig i now need the eyebrows but everywhere i look,i cant find that color!! I have bought blonde eyebrows so need to color them to a strawberry blonde color...